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August 19, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

I'm glad you rescued those scrapbooks. It's sad they aren't with the family anymore, but you'll love them up just as much (or more). The graphics on those cards are so special. I wish the illustrations on today's cards were just as lovely.


What a great find! I'm glad you have those scrapbooks especially the last one that was David's. So sweet that his mom saved all those mementos and chronicled it. I have a box of cards from one family and the kids were named Michael and Nancy. The sentiments were very loving. I love pulling them out and displaying them in my holiday decorating. Even though they don't have them, they're loved by me.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day!


Gosh, that really is a score!! David sure was a popular kid!


Makes me kind of sad that his mother lovingly chronicled his birthdays, etc. and they just got rid of the scrapbook. I love looking at the photo albums of our family. I wish someone in David's family appreciated them enough to keep them. I'm glad they didn't just get tossed, though.


I was also thinking how sad it was that the scrapbooks didn't stay in the family. However, coming home with someone that will appreciate and love them is the next best thing! The cards from the Milkman are the best!


chris mckinley

The scrapbooks are amazing!! Don't you just love finding books filled with cards?? Lucky lady!!!


That little fellow was very much loved! It always makes me sad to know the family didn't want things like that but then we don't know the circumstances and can't judge. What is important is that you recued them and they will still be treasured and put to good use!


I love doing research and I think I found David. The birth date is off a year, but that could just be that the person that entered the info got it wrong. It says January 1, 1954. http://www.ancientfaces.com/person/david-carlton-mincks/85993614 If it is the right one, he died on August 12, 2011.

That book is just chock full of wonderful things. David was one lucky boy! And you are lucky girl to have found it!


What a treasure. Glad it found a home.

Su Gardner

That just breaks my heart. That had to mean so much to that mother and then just to get rid of it. I'm so glad you rescued it.


David had sooooo many cards! Lucky kid! I really is to bad that the family didn't want the scrapbook....but lucky for you and your collections. A really great find!


Wow! They put so much work into that. It's nice that it went to someone who totally appreciates it. It's also kind of crazy that they kept all that stuff! All those gift tags...I wouldn't never have been able to hold on to them all those years. Really cool find!

Patti M

Wow...you have the beginning of David's life & if Shara is right we know the end...makes you wonder about the dash in between...Scrap booking is such a craze right now...do you think 60 -70 yrs from now some of the scrapbooks that women work so hard on now will be in a garage sale for a stranger to purchase & appreciate the work that went into it?....hugs patti m :)


What a wonderful find - thank you so much for sharing! What wonderful graphics on all that memorabilia - a plastic gun and a TV that "changes pictures" - how great is that?! And the train-themed "placemat" - cool. Loved seeing the kiddie menu too - some of the meals are different from what you see on kids' menus today.

It's sad indeed that the scrapbook didn't stay in the family, but it found the best home possible, I'm sure!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

Wowza! Such great cards! ♥

Stacey Johnson

The card from the milkman is my favorite! I love Elsie the cow...and how sweet for the milkman to do that!


wow! that last one really is a gem!


What a treasure trove! I'll bet it WAS the librarian's job to send those out!

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