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August 15, 2013



Can't thank all the firefighters here in Oregon enough including Ben. You must be bursting in pride seeing him grow into such a wonderful young man! Looks like Kate is having the time of her life now too.....Good job Mom :-)
Two great kids!!
Hope you can spend some time with them both home soon!
PS Thanks for the info on Forest Fires. I think most people have no idea including me.


OK, it's official. You must move to the East Coast where we don't get forest fires (at least I think we don't) just the occasional hurricane. Your son is a hero out there, but I guess you already knew that.~~XXOO, Beth


We here in Colorado LOVE our forest firefighters! We're so grateful for the hard, hard job they do and for their courage and bravery.

Janet Johnson

Kids really know how to worry us even when they are doing wonderful, brave things. Your baby boy is growing up!
Hope they don't have to use plastic forks and knives to eat their cornish game hens.

Musings from Kim K.

Definitely something to be very very proud of. I'd be worried sick. It must be nice to be able to communicate regularly. What a brave courageous son you have!


You are right to be proud! And he has your smile too :)


What a fine young man he has turned into - I know you are proud! I cannot imagine all the hard work he has done. He will have to have some rest time before he goes back to school. Until then, I will pray for him to stay safe and sound.

diane c

So nice to hear about your Ben and his job. May he stay safe as he helps fight those fires. I'll pray for that!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

So grateful for your son's work with the summer fire crew!! He must be so strong fighting wildfires is such a hard job! One summer as a young girl i flew into Twin Falls Idaho and as I got off the plane I saw crew of fire fighters getting off another plane with all their gear, their faces covered in soot and so tired looking.... I don't think I'll ever forget that...so impressed with them!

Sheryl Remy

First responders like Ben are truly special people. They are brave, dedicated and in touch with the importance of life. As terrifying as it is to their loved ones to see them go into action the world needs them. Thank you Ben.


Scary work! You seem to be handling the danger factor pretty well. I'm so glad he is calling you every night! I would be a constant wreck.

I agree......AWESOME kids :-)



You have raised wonderful young people. Both are serving others. I think I would be a bit a of a wreck with a son fighting forest fires!! He is very courageous and I am so grateful to people like Ben for keeping others safe. What a dear to also let you know he is OK at night. You deserve to be very proud of your kids!!


Oh my goodness, exciting for Ben and scary for you! Thank goodness we have brave young men and women to take on that challenge. Bravo for Ben!


I love your blog posts about estate sales and crafting but I always enjoy hearing a little about your kids too (a mom thing, right?) You and Tom obviously raised some great well rounded kids and you should be very proud. Thanks for sharing that snippet of personal life :)


They ARE good kids! Ben's job sounds very interesting (and nerve wracking for a mom!) Hope you all get some down time together.

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