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September 01, 2013



Yum! I have never had huckleberries. They almost look like blueberries, I wonder, do they taste like them too?


Adore that owl vase!! Great score with the envelopes. I've bought some for ten cents each and thought that was good. Wow!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm completely smitten with that ceramic owl vase. Love your Halloween costume and to still have the original box is amazing. Glad you rescued that orange Halloween cat too. Can you tell I'm getting in the mood for fall decorating? Cheers to a fun day of picking.


Show me your collection of "fruit you pick yourself!!!"..................
It looks yummy!
Love your finds-especially the owl and moon.


sweet costume! and I LOVE the bunny planter. Your Cake looks scrumptious! Ive never had huckleberries.. they look like tiny blueberries. Enjoy! something tells me they are yummy!
have a great labor day!


Sounds like a fun adventure and you scored some great things! Those old costumes remind me of my childhood! I loved (okay, still do) Halloween and even though my mom made me my costumes and they were so much better, seeing those costumes in the store meant Halloween was coming!


Wow, a good weekend indeed! LOVE the costume; what a great find.

Also the planters - that owl is too cool!

The cake looks delish too!


That coffee cake looks so yummy! I'm not sure I've ever had a huckleberry before but now I really want to find some.
Those little baby blankets are pretty dang cute. And the Cinderella costume is super cool. I'm surprised it's in as good of shape as it is. In my experience, little kids wear costumes to death!


Well its a good thing that costume is complete. Otherwise, you are going to look pretty silly wearing a Cinderella costume without the crown! Hope you have glass slippers too:-)

Never had Huckleberries before. That coffee cake looks amazing.


Eddie Mitchell

That cake looks wonderful! I like the owl vase too. It's odd that the Cinderella costume doesn't look like the gown she wore in the movie. Great box though.


What a delightful way to spend a Saturday! That owl vase is neat. I don't think I ever saw a post with baby blankets before and didn't know you collected them. Show me your collection of baby blankets!


What a great weekend you had! Huckleberries and vintage goodies! Can't get better than that huh? Actually, I've never had Huckleberries before. I'm assuming they're like Blueberries? I was having fun looking at your finds and now my stomach is growling looking at that yummy coffee cake LOL.
I had a baby blanket just like those ones you found. Wish I still had mine. Love the wall pocket and planters esp the Owl and moon one! Cute costume and of course a double find since it has a great box with it! I better get some more coffee and find something to eat now :-)


The owl seems to be the best loved item and I agree. I've never seen one like it and love the colors and his/her expression!! I have never picked huckleberries but your cake looks very yummy. Fun weekend for you!!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

I remember having a costume like your Cinderalla one! A glittered shoe on the bodice.... Sweet! I love your Shawnee wall pocket!

Tracy Szulist

Hello Ethel
I just stumbled upon your blog kinda by accident ..it all stemmed from me finding a really cool vintage greeting card crocheted basket that I found at a thrift store today ..and the research began ..one thing led to another ..google ..pinterest ..and somehow I landed on your blog ! I am sooooo glad I did ! I LOVE IT !! You look and seem like my kind of gal ! I am so in love with vintage collections ..especially anything that reminds me of my childhood growing up or my Grandmothers beautiful trinkets and treasure...of which I have found so many on your blog ! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely and swell treasures :) I have a challenge for you ...Show me your Vintage jewelry boxes ..I had the one with the music box and ballerina twirling !
Thank you my new vintage kindred friend !


We still talk about picking 10 lbs of strawberries in 10 minutes in PDX! Amazing hug blackberries too. Never had a Huckleberry!


Now THAT is my idea of a PERFECT day!! Time spent with Mom... a roadtrip... a rummage sale (w/ some awesome scores!!)... berries... WHO could ask for more?!!


Great finds!!

I have never had a huckleberry in my life but bet they're tasty!

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