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September 15, 2013


Janet Johnson

You and your studio are drool worthy!
It was fun seeing her pictures. I saw things in them that I haven't seen before. Kinda of like playing "I spy with my little eye".

Into Vintage

Your world is magical place! xo


Loved the tour by Crystal! For us magpie Ethel junkies we can never get enough photos of your fantastic world!


Thank you for pointing me in Crystal's direction. She sounds like a peach. I loved seeing your treasures through her eyes. When I visited I went directly into a vintage trance and never even managed to take a single picture. She really got some great shots of your amazing world!


I hopped over to Crystal's blog......I want to live in your studio!! She took some great pics!
I think I probably said "OH MY GOSH!" when we walked into your studio :-) My adrenaline was making my heart beat faster and it was hard to keep my cool since I was secretly squealing and jumping up and down inside LOL! I know exactly how Crystal feels about you and everything she's said about you is totally true!!
Thanks for sharing your world, house and studio. You've made a big difference in my world :-)


congrats on the great post! she did take a gajillion photos who wouldn't with all your fun treasures at every turn. thanks for continuing to share your world with us!

Musings from Kim K.

I absolutely loved her post. I'm a Magpie Ethel groupie!! Someday I want to visit your magic studio!


Awesome Laurie... always love spending time viewing pics of your studio!

I was antiquing yesterday and saw an old stork squeak toy and thought of you.... I didn't pick it up tho, it was $12 and about a foot tall. Very cute!


Your studio is magical and it was fun to see her pictures. My very short visit to the studio left me in a state of longing for more!!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I loved Crystal's pictures. I put some more up on my blog today. :) Thank you for sharing your world. Loved it so much.


I'll have to head over! A beautiful, magical, and inspiring place to create and see everyday!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather


A vintage lovers paradise! How could you not be inspired every day in there? You'd have to be blind!!!

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