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September 03, 2013



Ha Ha Ha Ha! Only you could have so much fun with balls of twine and string :-) Love how you incorporate your collections into your displays. My favorites are the deer and the vintage baby/doll heads! Are those rattlers? Too cute and too much fun.
Thanks for your ideas!


Now I've seen it all :-)


Janet Johnson

I, too, love the way crochet thread is wound. The doll heads look great displayed with the thread.

I once saw a movie where a woman had a shoe box filled with bits of string labeled "string that is too short to use". Makes me laugh every time I think of it!


I do not remember asking you this, but it is a fun collection, indeed!

Love that Christmas twine. It's nice and thick!


Love the way you work it in to your displays!

Nan York

Leave it to Laurie to think of unique and vintage looking ways to display string. I love it!


Love the heads on the thread...very cute. I have a small collection of colorful twine that I throw in a large jar. Mine are already open so don't have the great graphics.


I've never heard of a string/twine collection before - pretty neat!!


Ha! I adore how you can add nearly anything to create a fab display... love the Christmas one with the deer (you were expecting THAT I am sure).

Lisa W.

I love this collection ! You always surprise me !!!


Love the Christmas twine and all the pretty tatting and crochet thread!! Right up my alley! ;) xo Heather


I'm the one that asked you, and thanks for sharing! I knew you'd have some :)

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