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September 10, 2013



Cute! Like the "thimk" one! Guest towels sure were popular back in the day. I have a couple sets embroidered by relatives. Also have a pair of red "lipstick" towels. I think I posted about them last year.


What a fun collection that would make me smile every time I read the funny sayings. Hide those paper ones! You don't want someone who doesn't know they are for looks only to use them :-) They would be really cute framed and hung too. That should keep them safe.

HOT HOT HOT here! I'm tired of it.



Your collection is great - thanks for showing it off! I have a vintage guest towel displayed in one of my bathrooms - it'd been hand-embroidered with a happy-faced guest towel hanging on a towel bar, with the words "Yoo-hoo, I'm here!" I certainly couldn't resist such goofiness.


I don't think I have ever seen these before and love the sayings!


i love this collection! the new ones you found are so cute and I absolutely love the "hubba hubba" one! i like the idea of red towels for lips too. i always wish hotels had darker towel so I don't get mascara marks on the white ones!


I wonder if the larger ones in the last picture are cocktail napkins? I have some that were my great grandmother's that were about the same size and I think that's what they might have been. They would have been folded in half.


Looks like you have a travel soap dish collection in the works too.


I love the way you stick in other collections to tease us - pretty soaps, travel soap dishes, etc. You are just to sneaky and clever! I have a metal soap box like the first one - my Stepfather told me that his Dad has one that went to the War with him. It isn't very manly, is it?


What a fun collection. Looks like you have a collection of soap containers, too. I wonder if those little ones are cocktail napkins? Mud in your eye? Hubba hubba? they are adorable!


Very cute collection! Oh and I have that metal soap dish you show in your second photo; my daughter found it for me a few months back when we were at the Buffalo Nickel antique mall!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Love all of them, but the first/last one I am so jealous of, saw it in one of your recent posts. I'm gonna be on the lookout on eBay for one.

That's the bad thing about reading others blogs - you see stuff you want!


My mother in law still does finger tip towels, though hers aren't as cute as yours. At first I thought she was being wasteful. Why would you use paper and then toss it when a towel can be washed and reused? But I see now that its to keep grubby hands off of fancy hand towels. Still wasteful to me, but now I understand a bit better. Thanks!

Musings from Kim K.

My grandmother had fingertip towels in her pink guest bathroom. I hadn't thought about these in many many years. Another fun collection!

Into Vintage

I thimk I know which one is my favorite. I wonder if the 'mud in your eye' towels are for cocktails? Hubba Hubba sounds like something someone who's had a few might say. ;-)


Those itty bitty 'towels' are definitely cocktail napkin! Very cute! Tthat size was pretty standard for printed linen ones. Typically they were sold in sets of 6/8/12, often with each napkin having a unique design.

and I love the travel soap dishes!

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