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September 24, 2013


Elizabeth Fedorko

We love Smokey at our house too! I got the coloring book and the comic book back in elementary school when Smokey came to visit. When we traveled out west in 2004 we stopped by Smokey the Bear State park in New Mexico. The original Smokey was here in DC at the National Zoo as well. Kudos to your hard-working, tireless Ben!~~~XXOO, Beth


Smokey was pretty popular when we were kids. Weren't there TV commercials back then-- early 70s? Neat collectibles you have! Pretty good kid too!

Musings from Kim K.

I definitely remember Smokey the Bear commercials from the 70s. I always enjoy knowing more history about your family. Loved hearing about Ben's fire fighting career this summer. So much to be proud of!!


Awwww.....cute post! I loved Smokey the Bear too. I still see pics of him when we're driving out to the lakes around here. Took me a minute to figure out why the favor cups were on this post LOL! I was too busy looking at the pics. Great pic of Ben at the end!! Looks like they could use that on a poster. There should be a Smokey the Bear sign next to him :-)


This particular collection tugs at my heart strings a bit, as does seeing your son in a fire fighting uniform. I'm not sure if he was here in Colorado at all, but where he was doesn't really matter, just that he was there. People like your son saved my hometown!
I agree, Smokey would be proud!!!


Bravo to Ben!!
I noticed all the Smokey The Bear stuff at that digger house and love your collection, especially finding a recording of the song - how fun!


What a sweet collection. I know I have seen that comic book somewhere. Maddie may actually have it or something similar in her vintage book stash.

That is a great picture of Ben. You definitely have a reason to be proud!



Memories from my childhood in the post too; my Dad had the cigarette snuffer, I bet I hadn't seen one for 45 years! Of course when I went to Mount Hood I had my picture taken with Smokey there in front of Timberline Lodge!

Into Vintage

*Love* the photo of Ben!

I also remember that comic book from my childhood and how I felt about seeing that little bear in the tree...

Janet Johnson

Glad your Ben is safe at school, now. I worried about him being so young in such a dangerous situation.
I was actually singing that silly song to myself the other day thinking about Aunt Helen snuffing her cigarette out in her Smokey snuffer with her dangley earrings swaying back and froth. I did enjoy hearing Eddie sing the whole song (I had a few words wrong).
Great collection! Thanks Laurie


Would you believe that we sing the Smokey song every October during fire safety week? I started showing the Youtube version of the song a couple of years ago. So fun!
I also have an old storybook with great pictures of Smokey. On vacation the summer before last we wandered into the headquarters in DC only to be greeted by a life size, talking Smokey himself. I can imagine that he was even more popular in your area where you actually have forests! :o)
Love Smokey!!!


Who'da thought you would have a Smokey the Bear collection, pretty cool! I think I remember that Smokey comic being given to us in grade school.....
Good memories! karen....


One of my all-time favorite posts, Laurie! You SHOULD be proud of your son; what a wonderful job to have!

While listening to the video, I was thinking about the true story of Smokey, and how he was singed in a forest fire - and low and behold, as I scrolled down, you had the very same book I had as a child!!! I remember it oh so well!

I played with the idea of becoming a "forest ranger" when I was younger; what a great life that would have been!

Shelley Germann

Holy Smokes! (Sorry, I couldn't resist) That is one collection I wouldn't have guessed, but very fitting for your family. What a great remembrance of your grandfather. Stay proud, mama! That is one great son you have.


I have to agree that this is one of my all-time favorite collections/posts on your blog! I think all of us who grew up in the 60's/70's have a special place in our hearts for Smokey the Bear - I can hear the voiceover on the tv commercials in my head to this day. Great collection!


From reading the other comments I can see that the Smokey campaign really worked. I always loved Mr. Smokey, too, but don't remember the song. Loved watching it play. I guess Ben had a family history of protecting the forest. Great picture of him!!


So that snuffer for your car is worth over $100...I know this because I sold mine awhile ago for $145 on Ebay.


Ann (Protector of Vintage)

Wow, your son is brave!! Cute post.


that is such a cute collection! i love those little party cups! it is funny to me that a kid would love smokey enough to have him be the theme of their party!

Kim Campbell

Love Smokey! I still have my children's book "Letters to Smokey". Great collection! Love tha hankey!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

In the town where my grandparents lived, which is in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, there has always been a big Smokey sign telling what the chance of a forest fire was on any particular day. Seems like I've loved Smokey forever! Thank You Ben for defending our forests!

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