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September 20, 2013



What a fabulous haul! I especially love the Cook's Dance Floor Wax. I guess it was pretty good wax, because it won a medal.

From the October, 1914 issue of Rocky Mountain Druggist:

"The Frank C. Cook Co. of Denver, Colo., manufacturers of Cook's Dance Floor Wax, has been awarded a gold medal by the International Exposition at Paris last March, for having the best dance floor wax on exhibition.
Cook's Wax was in competition with various brands from England, France, Germany, the United States and all foreign countries.
Denver can well be proud of having a factory that has gained such high distinction."


I knew it!!! We are such kindred spirits! I have a box, not a can, of dance floor wax!!! My graphics aren't as cute as yours but just the same I do have dance floor wax. How funny is that?

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

A neighbor growing up had a table like yours, same elephant graphic. It was for an infant , I remember her little guy sitting in it. Maybe they made a version for dolls.. Large dolls!! Another great day of digging!!!

Musings from Kim K.

Safe travels to take Kate to college. Glad you were able to squeeze in your estate sales before the trip. Love that picture of you with your honeycomb daisies! That cowboy foil party hat is darling. Reminds me of Josie's recent western themed birthday party. That felt baby picture is precious. Lots of holiday scores. Goodie for you!


I love the tins and all the Christmas but my favorite is that corrugated cardboard! Are you selling that in your etsy?
I've decided I need to move to Oregon, you get the coolest stuff there! karen....

Patti M

Can you imagine having the NEED for the wax because you HAD to wax your floors? I'm doing good to get mine vacuumed & mopped let alone waxing & buffing too! I recently purchased an old Christmas album while thrifting with a friend...it was the little drummer boy & it had the cutest graphic on the cover. My friend asked what was I going to do with it since I didn't have a turn table. I told her it's the cover I want not the record...she just gave me the look you get when people think you are slightly crazed. LOL! Do you ever get that look from people? Have a great weekend! (((Hugs))) P:)


I am in love with the poinsettia trim! Oh the possibilities!

I would love to find a good digger sale around here. But all of the ones that I come across make me feel like I need to be hosed off in the front yard after I get back from getting my tetanus shot.

Since I won't be attending Farm Chicks next year, I am making sure that I get a good show fix whenever I can. It is your Magpie Mission to guide me in the right direction of good shows to attend. Mileage is not an issue. I mean, let's me realistic though. Brimfield is a little too far :-)



Oh Laurie, what a haul!! I never even checked for estate sales this week. I think that little wheelbarrow is my favorite. Or maybe it's the little iron. Or the aqua ornaments. Is that a grandma-green lunchbox I spy?
Have a safe trip!


I think the honeycomb daisies and the corrugated trim probably came from a grocery store. When my Dad worked at the grocery store, every season would bring a huge box full of honeycomb streamers, fans, and balls plus lots of that corrugated trim to put on shelving and the freezer cases. I remember some of those honeycomb balls being three feet across that hung from the ceiling. I always loved that stuff and I remember watching the teen aged boys run and rip it all down and smash it when it was time to put up all new stuff. I wish I had all that cool stuff now!

I have a pile of those cute old records - I only by the ones that are colored - I have red, blue and yellow records. Are any of those colored? I keep thinking they would make cute clocks.


You really found some unusual things this time! The wax is just too cool. And I love the wheelbarrow as I collect small ones for the potting shed. Have a safe trip and look forward to your next post!


It was a good day! I am blown away and I mean BLOWN away by all the just amazing graphic orientated stuff that has been saved in Portland. Old boxes, cans you name it. I've never seen anything like it and I've lived in 5 states. I think it might be how artistic this town (state?) is. Its like beautiful graphic items have been forbidden to be thrown away. Unfortunately there goes that modern sleek minimilast look I was going to go for here! HA! Who was I kidding! For me it seems to be the old games. Did you see the Red Skelton, I dood it game? I DIED.


You did amazing! The daisies are so you! I love the wheelbarrow and the cardboard trim too! so many good things. Digger sales are the best!
Erica :)


Oh I forgot about the OWL!!! He's my favorite of all! lol Boy he's great!
Erica :)

Lisa W.

Wonderful finds !! Good for you !!


Oh my gosh those daisies are too cute!! Wish there was some digger sales like that down this way! Love the vintage poinsettia and holly trim. Boy you just got a little bit of everything.....don't know what to comment on since it all looks fun :-) I like those mesh Christmas stockings and the heart planter. Sounds a little interesting on how you acquired the owl ;-)

Janet Johnson

Fun stuff! Love the wheelbarrow. I recently drove by a family working in their yard and a little 2 or 3 year old boy was pushing a wheelbarrow around -- so cute.

Can hardly wait to see what you do with some of these items like the pink tile and mesh stockings!

Have a safe drive with your daughter. A nice time to be together and talk.

Su Gardner

WOW! We never have any kind of sale like that here in MI. What a fabulous haul. I really like the daisies, concrete owl and the jar lids. I'm glad to find somebody else who buys jar lids (interesting ones), now I can tell my friends I'm not the only one who does this. All your goodies are just


Those daisies are huge! I was thinking they might have once hung in a grocery store too. Uh, no dance wax here. Mop 'N Glo is it!


I just love that picture of you with the daisy honeycombs! What a great pair of sales. Your Christmas crafting will be well supplied this year!
The cowboy birthday hats are super cute too. And the floor wax...it really is amazing what people choose to save. Cool graphics!

Sheryl Remy

Another wonderful haul. I found a few vintage Christmas items at garage sales this weekend but nothing as fun as that wax container.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What a blast you must have had, digging and unearthing all of these fun treasures! You finding that dance floor wax gives me hope that I'll find the vintage JOY dish soap bottle I've been hunting for at estate sales. It really is amazing what people DON'T throw away, and thank goodness they don't!


Wow, how awesome are those daisies!! And, of course all the Christmas goodies!! Yay, for a great sale! xo Heather

Vintage by Crystal

Oooohhh...you made out good!! I can imagine where you'll put everything now! Love the foil snowflakes and little wheelbarrow. Who knew they even made wax just for dance floors!


Oh wow!! You really got some great treasures!! I see many things to craft with there!! Love your chippy metal table too!!! Those daisies are so cute too, and of course love all the vintage Christmas!! Have fun with all your new things!! Happy sweet day! xo Holly

Into Vintage

Ooh! Ethel scores again! I've never seen the corrugated cardboard before, very cute. And I think I love the ballroom floor wax the best -- who has a ballroom and who saves a can of wax for eternity?!


Love, love love the owl!!! Speaking of which, your Halloween Owl arrived yesterday!!! He is so cute; thank you so much Laurie! I love everything you add to the package ;)

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