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September 07, 2013


Janet Johnson

I'll bet you were smiling all the way home. Good for you.
My in-laws actually had a glitter ceiling in their family room. It was professionally done in the 1960s. Just a little sparkle here and there. It was ok.
Oh, how I love that little Santa with the pink face!


What to comment on?? Too much fun! That Fowler thing looks like a needle container maybe. Kind if hard to tell on the screen. Love the seed packets, calendar, clothespins...

Musings from Kim K.

Oh my goodness. So many wonderful things. I'm always smitten with your holiday treasures. Those Dolli clothespins are fabulous too. Chris is in Detroit helping his family with a painting project. He told me that they have estate sales on Sunday in Detroit. He's hoping to hit a few before he comes back home later today. Fingers crossed!

Dorothy Crutchfield

I would think I had died and gone to heaven if I ever came across a sale like that! I loved everything!!


Sheesh really? I would have been happy if I just found the box with "Old Easter things" on it! (Yes, remember your foot fetish with those chicks) LOL!Of course my fave is anything seasonal or holidays. Love how you found another stork and spunheads! I think I remember some houses with that sparkle in their ceiling. It was mixed in with a bumpy texture. I can picture you for some reason twirling around throwing it up on your ceiling!!! Ha Ha Ha. You are the "Glitter Queen".
SIGH......Glad I can at least live vicariously through you and your finds!
Thanks for making me smile this morning!


High five! I noticed some good looking sales this weekend, especially the TBARBS sale, and wondered what you would dig out. That glitter cracked me up. I cannot imagine standing in the middle of a room and throwing glitter at the ceiling. Tell Tom he may NOT try it under any circumstances!!
My mother used to make homemade Rootbeer with that stuff. Everyone but me liked it but I thought it was simply horrid - blah!!


Fingertip towel, huh? Is that a collection we haven't seen yet????


What amazes me most about this post? The fact that your dh would say that you could try putting that glitter on your ceiling if you wanted to!
Hahahaha, mine sure wouldn't! He'd for sure have me committed if he saw me doing that................:).

Great finds all!


I agree, I can't believe that he was OK with you going ahead and glittering the ceiling if you wanted to! That's hilarious!
I have this vision of you taking huge leaps towards the ceiling with a fist full of glitter, most of it falling back down on your head! lol
You really found some great things this weekend. I didn't hit the sales myself. I've just felt like I have a bit too much stuff lately. I'm sure the feeling will pass soon!
Erica :)

Into Vintage

Glitter gun? Do you have one? What is it?! I'm happy to see you found so much because it was dudsville around here this weekend.


Wow, you did pretty good Laurie! Some really cute things. I love the old clay face Santa, what a fun find.
Love those digger sales!

Su Gardner

I didn't get to any sales this weekend so looking at your haul made me happy (and you really got some great stuff). Years ago when we were looking for a home to buy in Joplin MO., one of the houses we looked at had a blown ceiling with glitter in it. At the time I wasn't into to that, but looking back it was pretty cool.


So the stork I saw today was evidently the mama to the baby one you found. It was HUGE (in size and price!).

I am IN LOVE with that feather duvet. What I wouldn't give to find one of those. I remember my great grandma having something like that on her bed only the ticking was pink. Hmmmmmm...may need to make a phone call to my aunt and see if she has any idea whatever happened to it.

Maddie & I missed you today. Hopefully you can make it down next year, that is if you and Tom aren't glittering your ceiling :-)



Success comes to those who keep working at it! Great stuff (and I found the twin to that clay Santa, how odd is that? Never mind.)


Wow Laurie, some great finds! You really do have wonderful radar - you get the best stuff! I can really see most of this heading for some Magpie magic!


Great weekend for you. The stork is one of my favs of this week. But the glitter take the cake! Somehow I don't remember glitter on ceilings. The vision of you throwing it up there is hilarious! But then, you are a Magpie :>)


Wow so many good finds in one weekend! Lucky girl! That duvet is the best! Ticking and floral, how can you go wrong? I have one of those clay faced Santas so adorable. Makes me wish I would of hit the estate sales this weekend!


You have the best luck! I went to a sale this weekend that was a total dud. Billed as an antique estate sale but was just the junk they couldn't sell in a yard sale. Bummer!
Love the sputnik style tree topper and its cool box. And all the Easter goodies, so cute! And what the heck is a glitter gun and where can I find one?!
I'm super excited about your Halloween creations by the way! Hoping I can snag one!

Kim Campbell

Eeep! Are the buttons and hem clips going in your shop!?!?!?!?

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