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September 26, 2013



Ha Ha Ha! Dumpster Diving with a neighbor! Only you could charm a neighbor into helping you :-) Although I think I could convince a couple of mine to dumpster dive with me too. I'm glad you got a little reward on your walk today on top of saving those poor ornaments and bulbs. So sad to think of them being thrown away.
Thanks for making me smile :-)


I know that so many of these great old ornaments get thrown away. I'm so glad that some of them got rescued by you! You'll turn them into something or display them like they should be!
Great Job!
PS LOVE your SMOKEY post! 3 cheers to your son!

Shelley Germann

Incredible! You have some good karma! To find Shiney Brites in the garbage. Just incredible!

Musings from Kim K.

Only YOU would have that kind of luck. How fun!

Melissa's Antiques

Been there done that... but not with Shiny Brites. You lucky duck.

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

Too funny! Years ago I saw a quilt just peaking out of a garage can in our neighborhood.... I thoughtnwhomcpuld throw this away! i knocked and no one answered..I tried several times. Garage pick up was the next morning I waited a few more hours and tried once more...no answer so I took it out of the garbage can! It's my oldest daughters favorite quilt, and I use it when I visit her...my girls still say it's the quilt mom stole!


You just never know where good "stuff" might be!!


Yep, only YOU would find Shiny Brites in a dumpster... do they call out to you or something???

Good idea to get permission first; great rescue!


I was sure by the title that you were going to have old Jack La Lane exercise equipment!
heehee! I just woke up....what can I say?
I love old Shiny Brites! Have a great weekend!


Only in the land of Magpie is there this kind of luck! You might want to swing by again and check for additional bonuses!


Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! I'm glad your neighbor was a good sport about it. I can hear her at the dinner table... you won't believe what she did...lol!
Are you going to the sale in Eastmorland? It looks interesting but sort of odd to have the family watching while you rummage through their stuff.

Sheryl Remy

Way back, a co-worker and I were walking during our lunch break behind our building was in a strip mall. The Walgreen's store was changing it's line of greeting cards. Needless, to say we had a blast clearing out the discarded cards and envelopes. I love unexpected finds. Don't you?

Judy A

Wow Laurie,Sometimes you do get so Lucky! I am starting to see various versions of the Green "Bath chair" you got a while back? All over the internet.
But I saw it here first!Thanks for sharing I just Love your Posts. -Judy A-


So what time is your walk next week? I'll be there!



Oh, I love it!! ;) Glad you found some pretties in there! xo Heather


So wonderful. I, too, can't pass a dumpster without taking a peek inside, though I haven't found anything in years. it disturbs me what people just throw away without thinking!

When I was in college my mother spied a chair peeping out of a construction dumpster in the alley behind my aunt's house. She went out in her bathrobe to pull it out. it was from the 1920's and was my chair throughout college. I didn't even have to reupholster it!


Glad you were able to save those great ornaments. I found my inimitable mother in a dumpster on more than one occasion.

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