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September 04, 2013



I love this! Only you could find such a unique item. I have never seen one but it sure looks like the one my grandparents had in their bedroom. They plumbed it into the corner. LOL! Love this in your "newly remodeled bathroom."

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

Oh my gosh! That's got to be one of your most unique finds lately. Maybe it's worth quite a bit! It looks great in the new bathroom.
Erica :)
ps. I had to laugh when I saw all the bubble mailers that you bought the other day! I act as if I've struck gold when I come across those! I go through them so fast that it's always great to find them for super cheap like that!


Oh my goodness, that is so unusual! I am green that you have room to display things like that. I found an adorable vintage tin dollhouse at the VOA the other day and left in behind because I absolutely have no place to put it. Nice score!


Now that's just adorable! I love finding things like that that I've never seen before.......!


What a find that was! I've never seen anything like that before especially a freestanding one. Looks cute in your bathroom....colors match too of course! I bet it would be fun to play "I Spy" in your house!

Musings from Kim K.

Good eye. That is just perfect in your bathroom. Definitely another amazing find!


That is just the cutest thing!! You find such neat things!!


Very cool! I've heard of that company making kitchen sets but have never seen anything bathroom related. How fun! Are you going to put a doll in there?


Love it!!! Your decorating entries are my favorites. They just make me happy!!!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

What fun find!! Looks great on your counter!!!


So very cool Laurie... what a great piece; just perfect for your place!

Sheryl Remy

How cool is that? I never knew that anything other than kitchen toys and washing items were made for children. You found a perfect item to decorate your new "old" bathroom. Congratulations.


I've never seen anything like that either. So unusual and the perfect thing for your cool bathroom! I tried to explain your sconces to The Husband the other day and he thought I was nuts! I had to come on here and show him, then he thought they were pretty cool and I was a dork for explaining them so poorly. : )

Meri Wiley

OMGosh that is so stinkin' cute and definitely something I've never seen before. You are the queen!


P.S. I've come across some more vintage pipe cleaners in red and light blue for the box of goodies I'm gonna send you.

Su Gardner

so cool, you are one lucky person at finding the unusual.

Janet Johnson

OMG, that is cute. I'll bet they didn't make them for very long because they must have been awfully messy to play with. It looks great in your bathroom. You should make a doll dressed in a towel to stand in it.


Perfect for your new bath!! Never seen anything close to it!


I would have had to buy it also! My maiden name was Stall. Too adorable!!


That is pretty awesome and looks perfect in your bathroom! xo Heather


That is the perfect accent to your bathroom! Wonder if it originally came with little dolls? Those would be fun to find!


Patti M

You find the coolest things....I think someone needs to standing in there showering!....I'm sure in your vast collections there is something that would be appropriate....a figurine wearing a shower cap perhaps? Tehe! (((hugs))) Patti m

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