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October 08, 2013



Dang it! We just had a cow butchered last week and I could really have used you and your measuring tape :-)

Last year in Corvallis, Hanna, Maddie & I stopped at the second day of an estate sale. Maddie found an old plastic advertising ruler from the Ford Insurance company. It has really silly graphics on it and we actually use it all the time. It has half price day and the ruler was originally marked a nickel. Can you believe the lady made Maddie give her 2 cents? She thought she was being generous by having her pay less than half. Crazy.

Tom's old ruler is so sweet. If he ever decides to give you a bad time about your measuring collection (which I HIGHLY doubt he will) you can just tell him he started it.



I cannot match your variety, or your slide rule collection - but I, too, own the cow measuring tape. I know this does not surprise you. (Another fun collection, btw!)

Musings from Kim K.

The collections just keep on coming! I certainly understand wanting to run back to the glue gun instead of making sense of math comment. Emma's math skills have far exceeded mine own at this point.


Interesting! My sister has a horse weight tape from her riding days. Like the different colors of the tapes.


I was at a Garage Sale this weekend and the lady was making tidy lines on a piece of paper to write down what they had sold. She was using a vintage green Smokey the Bear ruler. I thought of you when I saw Smokey the Bear but before this ruler post. I asked to buy it and the lady clutched it to her chest and said, "No! I have had this FOREVER!"

I bet you have some figural tape measures too - I have an apple with a tape measure in it and a pincushion doll.

*My PINK yardstick is one of my all time favorite finds.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

You never know when you are going to have to measure a cow.

Janet Johnson

A tool for every purpose. I like information printed on things... like the presidents listed on your ruler. I great way to gain infomation without trying... like reading a cereal box.

I have a shoe size measure that I'll have to give to you someday - I'm not ready to let it go just yet.

Fun collection.


I'm amazed at what you find and what kind of collection you have! I've never seen a tape measure that measures the weight of a cow! Of course Phil has and he was telling me how they would use it too. Love the one that looks like a foot or half of one. I see the one that says Sprouse-Reitz on it....that was my first job when we first moved up here to Oregon! Ah-Hah! Knew Tom had to have some type of "Pack Rat" in him (Cute that you have his ruler). Phil is a "Pack Rat" too though he won't admit it. He's an enabler to my collecting.
Thanks for the smiles :-)


Well you have hit on something we have a common fondness for and I now know why I don't find all that many - I sleep in on Saturday and you win, hehe....
Love that weight measure... come on over here Bossy, now stand still girl...
I have to ask, did you wrap it around you to see how much you would weigh if you were a cow??


Another great collection! I have a few rulers and yardsticks too... I have a neat old solid brass ruler, but my favorite is a 12" ruler from Perth's Cleaners... and on the back is listed "The Rulers of England" from Elizabeth (current Queen) back to William I in 1066. What a perfect addition to my British adorned Victorian Studio! I also had to pick up a teenie tiny old ruler from an antique show that is only 2" long and states it's for "measuring tiny things". I have never, ever seen a measuring tape to estimate a cow's weight tho... that's pretty cool!


You just never know when you're going to need to know the weight of a cow, so handy! I like the "keep your customers in toe" ruler.
Cool collection!


Wow!! That's a lot of measuring devices!! I have one pink cloth tape that was my grandmother's, my husband likes rulers as much as you, he is always keeping an eye out for them!


A neat collection and I love the Christmas ones! I was at an estate sale on Saturday and their was a lot of rulers, but way to pricey. I am really not liking the high prices lately. Happy sweet day! xo Heather


To measure the weight of a cow?? Some one had to figure that out first!! Very unique.
My most unusual ruler was a give away from a urologist that was 6 inches long but says it is 12!


I love industrial scores like this! Love this collection, this gives me an eye for things to look out for while on the hunt, too!

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