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October 15, 2013


Eddie Mitchell

What an awesome, fun collection! Some of the cutest witches I've ever seen!


Yikes! I think I like the "cute" witches to the scarey ones.

I wonder how many figural candles ever get used? I know I could never light one!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

Eeeeekkkk! What a collection! I think my favorites are the paper plates, noise makers and candles!!! I for one would love to see how you store your collections!!

Musings from Kim K.

You really do have an amazing collection. I know I say this every time I post, but I really think a few of your witchy ladies need to visit my home.


Eeeeek! I don't think I could sleep at night with that first one in my house! The jointed ones are my favorite. They are very unusual and non-traditional.

Sheryl Remy

Those little witches candles are cutie patooties.


I'm going with the crowd-- I like the cuter ones too! I have a lg Gurley witch (was my grandmother's) and a small one from an estate sale. They're neat!


Great collection of witches! Cute ones and a few creepy or scary ones. Love the first one!! Did you make that one with a Halloween mask? Your favorite one looks like she's out to get someone :-o Didn't realize what the cardboard witch was doing carving the pumpkin.....that one's sort of creepy especially since she looks pretty happy doing that! Now I know where all that cackling is coming from!
Nice collection, thanks for sharing it!

Janet Johnson

The Gurley little witches always have such cute faces and the large ones are usually painted just a bit askew. Nice collection.


Which witch to choose? My favorite is the cut out with the stand. I love her broom and her orange features! Great collection again!


Its been fun reading all your halloween decorating posts. Love seeing what you do with all the great stuff you find! Thanks for sharing.


So what is up with the witch without the eyes? She's a little creepy! I have quite a few of the same witches you have including the candy containers. I have picked up the three I have for super cheap but have seen them in antique malls for $20 or more! Any idea if some are more special than others?

I told you the other day that the cats were my favorite. Well, I lied. I am LOVING the witches. Might have something to do with my favorite show, American Horror Story, which just so happens to be about witches in New Orleans this year.

:-) Erica


The cut out that is your favorite is my favorite too. She's so intense!

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