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October 03, 2013


Mary Ann

Oh, a color wheel! Takes me back to my childhood.


Awesome finds! Those trees remind me of my Aunt Gen. My uncle was a scrooge and never really celebrated xmas with her so she bought one of those silver trees, revolving stands and the color wheel and had it on her hearth every year. I thought it was so cool! Hugs! karen....


Neat stuff-- like those old magazines! Amazing what people keep!

Musings from Kim K.

It looks like it was worth putting your body into fun positions sorting through the crawl space. That was some serious digging. I can't believe how many aluminium trees you found! Five revolving tree stands!! You do wonder why she had so many of them? They look to be in fabulous condition. I really want you to put a tree together so that we can all drool over it.


I can imagine the rush you must have been feeling finding those boxes of trees!! Color wheels to go with them too? Love those gardening catalogs! Well if I ever need someone to go "digging" with me in a crawl space, I'll make sure to call you :-) What a wonderful friend you have too.

Shelley Germann

Holy Moley! I was excited with the cooler and the small trays but then came the aluminum trees...with stands! I would be insanely jealous, but I was lucky enough to get one at an auction this summer. I was also lucky enough to get a revolving tree stand for $1 at another auction. I am missing that color wheel, though! I think Aunt Tillie gets a pass for being a hoarder!

Janet Johnson

I am glad you were rewarded for all your hard work. It must have been exciting! You should have a t.v. show. "She's small! She's excited! She's ready to go all honey badger on your crawl space!" I'd watch it.


So glad you got your rewards!! Many fun things. I love the old garden catalogs. The pictures in them are so lovely and since I am a lover of all things "garden" they are my favorite!


Wow!! What awesome finds and the aluminum trees are so neat!! Especially the color wheel! It was worth crawling through a tiny space! xo Heather

Dorothy Crutchfield

You must be the Luckiest person on earth! :-)
Congrats on your finds!


Aunt Tillie knew what to save, that's for sure. I love that old galvanized ash can and it is so fun to flip through old magazines. While watching an aluminum Christmas tree, or 3, change colors !

shirley hatfield

When I stayed at my Grandma Patta's house, she would entertain me by saying, "Let's look in those boxes under the stairs" or "let's explore the attic today!" OMG was that fun! I always took home a bag of goodies and treasures from those expeditions! I would love to dig through some crawlspaces with you...even vicariously! =D

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

How exciting and there was treasure to make it all worth it too.


Aw man! I was so excited for you to finally get ahold of a pink tree! I would trade in all of those silver ones for just one pink one if I could. I can't believe you found all that stuff in a crawl space! Definite treasures for sure. I would say this would have to be one of those times in your life where you love your height! Thank god you aren't 6 feet tall :-)



Four or five aluminum trees? Be still, my heart!


How wonderful! I have been wanting an aluminum tree - lucky you :)

Patti M

How fun for you Laurie! I just don't get all the work gloves...everything else kinda makes sense, even the avon...who knows maybe a good friend of her's was an avon lady & she was just supporting her friend...but the gloves? What's up with them? I love the color wheel & silver trees. Growing up I had an "aunt" who had one I thought she was sooo "mod"...hugs patti m :)


I'm rotating in green envy with those color wheels!


Yippie for aluminum trees! You can never have too many! Or maybe we have all learned a lesson this week...and you actually CAN have too many of a good thing! But any way...I'm so glad they are now yours. I spent an hour on the Hoarders blog last night. So interesting, and my heart hurt for those two little ladies and their families that had to deal with the resulting mess.
Can't wait to see your trees all decked out though! Ahhh! I still need a color wheel!
Erica :)


Only one word...SCORE! We just won a bid to clean out a hoarder house, it also has a loong deeep crawl space. Thats jam packed. To the very low ceiling. And its dark, no light. If I can get past my very real terror, I hope I score too!

Sheryl Remy

Those lids are terrific, not that the rest is chopped liver. I could see those being made into a 4th July garland.


We are so glad you garnered such finds for your spelunking efforts!!!
thanks again.

Melissa's Antiques

Jealous of those utterly awesome vintage christmas finds! If you could part with a revolving tree stand for my aluminum christmas tree... I haven't been able to track one down yet.


Love all your sweet finds!! There's so many goodies!! :) xo Holly

Lisa W.

Yeah Aunt Tillie ! Oh those trees ! I've got one that I have so much fun with . Good for you Laurie ! And I am glad that I am not the only one who does not like to use old light strings .... Seems risky somehow.


Just love the old reflectors; we had those when I was young. What great finds Laurie; well worth the work, no?

Mitzi Curi

How fun! I would love to go through a crawl space too! It seems worth all the work you went through, but I wish your trees had been pink!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I probably would have started hyperventilating, and possibly crying too, if I thought I had my hands on a PINK aluminum tree! What makes it OK that it wasn't a pink tree? Finding out that there are 5 silver ones!!! Yay Laurie!


A mass discovery of aluminum trees? Only you, my dear. Only you. (Sorry to have been so MIA. Looking forward to seeing all the tons of stuff you must have bought the last few weeks!)


At least three trees?! Holy crap, that's awesome! Way to go to Aunt Tillie for buying such cool stuff I bet those magazines will have good Pyrex ads. I love going through old magazines. Have fun!!!

KayteeJane's House

Great Stuff - as usual!! So fun to see.

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