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October 02, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

I'm so glad I snuck one last peek at your blog before heading to work. I've been on pins and needles waiting to hear more about this infamous crawl space. I've decided that Chris needs a head lamp after seeing yours.


LOVE that last picture - lol!! I can't wait to see what you dug out of the hoard. Looks like there are enough plastic flowers for someone to open their own shop. I am surprised about how organized it was, as far as categories, since many of us like to think it isn't hoarding if it is organized - yikes!


A hoarders mind really is wired just a bit differently. I just can't imagine thinking that I needed to save everything "just in case." They must always feel so weighted down. I understand the compulsion though. Sometimes I have to fight it pretty hard.
It looks like you had a good time though! And I love the spelunking lamp! So practical.


My gosh! I have 3 (not too big) boxes of baby clothes in my attic and nothing else. When I go, relatives will be awfully bored! Can't wait to see what else was there.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I too have dreams of estate sales, but they DO NOT involve a crawl space! Mike & Frank of American Pickers have nothing on you, girlie! I really had my fingers crosses that the space would be full of vintage holiday stuff for you. This post actually made me feel good, because I'm convinced now that I'm NOT a hoarder!


Well, I'd say you're the "Queen of Diggers" Head lamp and all LOL I would have snagged those lids too. You must be in fantastic shape too on your hands and knees crawling around! Love the last pic of you :-) Can't wait to see your finds!! I think you need to write a book on your adventures. I just love having my coffee here and reading your stories!
Thanks for the smiles :-)

Shelley Germann

I had a similar experience last year when my great-aunt passed away. She left everything to my mom because she had no children. After spending a solid month in the house we admitted defeat and called someone to do an estate sale. Best decision ever! Their crew had it ready to go in short order. The planner did mention that if we hadn't done some of the initial grunt work, she wouldn't have accepted the job. I did come away with quite a few items! Yay! Glad you shared your story!

Judy A

NOOOOO! I hardly slept last night for excitement of your new/old Christmas stuff!
I guess I have no choice but to wait.:>) Love the post so far!
-Judy A-


O!M!G! I give you kudos for going in there and pulling out all those boxes and then going through them. You are a good friend. I can't even imagine the mind of a true hoarder. We joke about it, but it really must be awful to live like that. I look forward to seeing your rewards!!!


When I read it was a hoarder's house, I thought I hate that term. But, I have to agree, that is hoarders house! I am going to read that blog start to finish tonight. I have to say, that those ladies had great taste in all their things -pottery, head vases, glassware, linens - it all looks just like what we all LOVE! Can't wait to see what you kept. Wow!

Maria (Magia Mia)



I bet that it was such hard work! And I have no doubt that you rescued any little treasure that you could!
My Mom and I have this fantasy that goes like this: The two of us are driving down a long dirt road out in the middle of nowhere when we come to a wonderful old farmhouse. Just as we drive by, a sweet little old lady is pounding a SALE sign into the ground at the end of the drive way. We stop and say hello, which results in her taking down the sign and letting us dig through her house before she ever even has the sale. I think she serves us lemonade and cookies on darling vintage dishes too! LOL
My Mom and I have talked about this fantasy for years!
Great Vintage Loving Minds Think Alike! haha
Loved your post,
Erica :)

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

Such a practical digger...head lamp and all! It is amazing what some people save! Can't wait to see the gems!


Oh my goodness, that's all I can say!! Bet it was a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the Christmas!

Kim Campbell



Ha! You certainly come prepared... glad you found some treasures in all that - wow, what a stash! I can't imagine how she even got all that up there.

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