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October 11, 2013


Judy Ainsworth

Very interesting and enjoyable Tidbits. I Love seeing the Aluminum trees put together....but Where is Haunting the dining room?
(:^) Judy A-


One: Fun trees and your plan for them sounds great! Will look wonderful in front of your window.
Two: Glad you get a fix tomorrow even though you're not hitting one. Can you do early shopping?
Three: I've shopped in teen stores with Alison too....never know what you can find and I love the sweater!!
Four: Looks like you're going to busy for the holidays! Too much fun. Maybe we'll have to try to hoof it up there and hit one.

I just love your blog :-)

Have a great weekend!!


1. Amazing stash of trees. I am in awe of all of them!

2. I know you will find a treasure or twenty at the sale tomorrow.

3. My son likes Hot Topic, but I get a migraine every time we go. I love music, and I love loud music, but the music in there is deafening. Then they try to talk to you and I am all "WHAAAAAAAAAT?" Old lady deafness here. I like that sweater though.

4. What a busy time of year you have! I don't see how you do all your decorating on top of your crafting and your shows. I dug out the Halloween stuff today and lost my steam before I could get it displayed. I know you will do great at all your shows!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

So many great trees!!! We had one growing up....my Dad used blue spotlights on it!


5 trees! How awesome is that?! The sweater is so cute, possibly even year round cute. Happy to hear that you are going to be so busy!

Musings from Kim K.

Congratulations on another craft show! Dang, I wish I lived closer. I dream of attending one of our shows. Those trees are just magical! I'm sending this post off to my mother and sister so that they can drool over your sparkly trees. Thanks for the tip on the sweater. How cute is that!! I think I need one too!

Meri Wiley

Egads you have toooooo much fun! That sweater is perfect.....I only wish I could shop at the teen stores but they don't carry my huge size.



In awe of the Silver tree find. I do wonder why she had FIVE but hurray Aunt Tillie!


Can't wait to see your tree display. I may have to do a drive by when I come up for the shows! Which antique mall will you be in? I gotta get my fixes somewhere since Farm Chicks is out for me next year. Yes, I'm still bitter. Don't think it will ever go away....


Holly-cutie pie cottage

Love the trees! I didn't like them when I was a kid but I do now. They give me a little thrill!

That last pic you showed with all the Christmas goodies gave me a thrill, too. I have never been to a show or sale that looked like that! ♥


A forest of glitter in your front window will be amazing!!


The trees are amazing! I can't wait to find one!! Love the cardigan and if I lived closer I would be at your shows!! Happy day to you! xo Heather


Your trees are beautiful! I finally scored one too :) Wish I could attend one of your sales - you have some amazing things!


Busy days ahead! The trees are great - bound for a show? (Unless you are keeping all of them!)

Eddie Mitchell

That is one fabulous lot of sparkle in your living room. Reminds me of the aluminum tree we had when I was a kid. It also makes me think of sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace while gazing out the window at frosty, icicle-laden trees.

Melissa's Antiques

5 aluminum trees... WOWZA!


I so wish I lived nearby - I would park myself in front of your table at craft shows and spend, spend, spend! Those trees are awesome.

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