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October 17, 2013



What an inspired use of the folding florist display stand. Perfect!!! I love the all the old decorations - you must get quite a response on October 31st. (Or perhaps your neighborhood knows / expects this from you by now!) Love it Laurie!


I bet you are the most popular house in the neighborhood come trick or treat time!


You must be one of the kids favorite houses in the neighborhood! Love it all! I have the same ghost blow mold, but it was missing it's pumpkin. I have a honey comb on sitting there now, so if you ever find another, let me know!


Love your displays! Like how you always change them up a bit too. I tried that this year and I liked how things turned out.....thanks to all your wonderful ideas!! If we lived by you, we would stop by that's for sure. Bet your house is the most festive one in the neighborhood! I do see the one creepy and wicked looking witch that looks like she's going to cast a spell on someone :-o. Love the tattered umbrella and lights on your branches CUTE!!
Have a wonderful day!


The blow molds look so cute lit up!

chris mckinley

Love the use of the tattered umbrellas!!! Such a great touch to a fun house!!

Judy Ainsworth

Laurie, once again I'm in vintage Heaven! You have an amazing collection,but more importantly, you are an amazingly talented woman! I have asked myself so often when, did Halloween turn from
innocent fun,getting apples and popcorn balls in our trick or treat bags, to the horribly gory,bloody,kind that it is Today? Love your posts
-Judy A-


I like friendly spooky!! You make it fun and not so icky, like some Halloween things can be. I know the little ones love to see it all.

Musings from Kim K.

Love all the special touches and how you've given your street viewers a chance to enjoy all your vintage treats. I'm going to share this post with Chris. I love the "friendly spooky" theme. I'm too much a scaredy cat to do gore!

Janet Johnson

The trellis is a great way to display the witchy cutouts. The first picture looks like the spookies are trying to get IN!
Love the porch.


I'm with you, nothing gory for Halloween. Give me Fall/Harvest or classic Halloween with a pinch of cuteness!

Terrific display!


No ghosties or witches here at my house, cornucopias filled with gourds, Jack o' Lanterns and lots of leaves and wreaths. I did find a 1960s era (I think) cardboard Jack o' Lantern bucket with a cardboard inside it with eyes, mouth on that which shows through the holes. It has a handle but no lid so not sure if it was to put treats in your just display...Fun on an old stepstool in the corner. Someday, I will find a Gurley punkin head man like we had when I was a kid...

Shelley Germann

So festive! If I ever were to think, "I have enough stuff" I will think of you and how cute all your treasures look together!


Why is it that most everything in the stores now is gory?? I don't go for that either! Love your displays, now that our Thanksgiving is over, can't wait to get my blowmolds out this weekend.


Love all the cute pumpkins!! I am sure all the kids love coming to your house!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather


You take collections to a whole new level--tatttered black umbrellas--who would've thought? Love it all!


What I love is that each of your collections, Miss Ethel/Laurie, are whimsical & useful. Happy groups of creatively placed like items, celebrating (something)in a way that is now more special. Super Cool. Love to see it. Plus it bounces inspiration out into blogland. Thanks!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Your house would be my first stop if I still trick or treated! I love how you use your vintage decorations outside. I was afraid to expose my stuff to the sun, but then I thought: Why keep it packed away or cluttering up the inside of the house? Use it and enjoy it, right?!

Lisa W.

Ding Dong ...... Trick or Treat !!! I love every single one of your displays ! The witches on the florist stand is pure genius. I need to find one of those now. Thanks for sharing your seasonal decor !

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