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October 31, 2013



Since we don't live in town, we don't get trick or treaters. I miss them!! Have fun & hopefully you don't run out of candy. When I was younger, my parents ran out of candy and my dad started giving out change from the change jar! Needless to say, our doorbell rang TONS after that :-)

I think that depending on what I find in the next year, I may try and group all of my Halloween decorations together by category like you did. I do it at Christmas and I love the way it looks.




Love your decorations in that cubby! Thanks for your ideas and inspirations. I mixed up my decorations this year too and I like it better. We get quite a few Trick or Treaters too. Always fun to see all the costumes.
Have a wonderful day!
PS....Do you dress up to pass candy out? :-)


Awesome display Laurie! I nearly bought a vintage pumpkin at the antique ahop this past Sunday, but the price was ridiculous... if it's still there after Halloween, maybe they will put it on sale ;)

Happy Halloween to you too! It must be a real treat for kids to visit YOUR home!

Sheryl Remy

Happy Halloween to the Queen of Halloween.


Have you ever considered putting together a book? I would buy a book filled with photos of all your fantastic displays and collectibles in a nano second. Actually, you might need to write two or three books in order to show ALL of your treasures.

I find it difficult to get friends and family to sit still long enough while I attempt to find some of my favorite Magpie Ethel pics on my computer. But once they see one pic, they are duly impressed. A book would make my life easier. I turn book pages faster than computer pages. Ha.

Happy Halloween!

Musings from Kim K.

I really like the round metal display on the wall that you use for your graphics/photos. Your collections are truly amazing. I agree with Kim. I'd buy a book filled with photos of all your fantastic collections and how you've displayed them. I'm still dreaming of visiting your antique booth. Yesterday's post was pure Christmas magic!


Love all your pumpkins! Happy Halloween to you! xo Heather


Ditto on the book!! I love the pumpkin dressed as a man. Is that an advertisement? Happy Halloween to you. We get NO trick or treaters' here, as you can imagine.


We used to get hundreds of Trick or Treaters - now we get about twenty. I loved it when we had a lot. It was so much fun. I gave out packets of Kool-Aid and the kids LOVED it.

Love all your pumpkins! They look great in that cubby with the Rx books.


I always look forward to the costumed 'littles". Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! We usually get a lot of trick-or-treaters too, but had a rainy day so didn't get the usual stream of kids.


Super cute, I like them there too, perfect spot! Thanks for all the Halloween posts, great end to my Halloween night at work!


I love looking at your displays, you have so much neat stuff!

Lisa W.

Looks so spooky ! Love it ! Hope you had a great Halloween !


INCREDIBLE collection. I have got to get hunting hard, so jealous of your ample pumpkin treasures.


Love your display, it looks great there! Yes, I agree you should write a book with all of your displays. sounds like Halloween was fun. We took the grandson out and had a blast!



Love your holiday blogs so much that you inspired me to start my own blogging (holiday and otherwise). Just wish I knew what I was doing! Hope you will check me out. :) PattiInNYC

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