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October 29, 2013



I'm shaking! LOL I Sooooo want to be there I don't even have words!
OK- heading back to study each picture again. You ROCKED this booth! I want that roll of tree paper the most!
Erica :)


OMG! I wish I lived closer!! What a cute space you two have and yes.....It's screaming Happy and Colorful!!I see a couple things I want :-(
You're just one busy little magpie!

Deanie's Stash

I love it!! I am going to have to try really hard to not go there and buy everything vintage Christmas! You rocked it!

Kim k.

I want to be standing in your booth in the worst way. It's pure vintage Christmas magic. What a gorgeous happy display.


I want to be at your booth - RIGHT NOW!


Can I do a phone order? I'll just text you what I want! HA!!

I am now looking for reasons to head up to Portland. Okay, like coming to your guys' booth isn't reason enough. I CAN'T WAIT!! I will be in Astoria the weekend of the All Saints show. Wonder if I can't talk Hanna into taking the drive down? If not, I will see you at the Laurelhurst show. What can you tell me about it? Are you doing Plucky this year?


Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

It looks great!!! You certainly achieved your goal of vintage holiday loveliness!!!


It looks wonderful! I love all your goodies! I just scored some pink ornies this weekend, so happy because I have been wanting to make a pastel ornament wreath for my booth and have had a hard time finding them.
I love the spring-ornament display...awesome!

shirley hatfield

None of the antique malls I visit here carry so much vintage Christmas. I would be in absolute heaven! Looks amazing...and not one, but two blowmold Santa cookie jars! I have one...and it's one of my treasures.

Melissa's Antiques

I officially need an old bed spring for my mall space so I can display ornaments. I was just thinking about what I needed. :)


See that space on the floor under the bed springs between the stools? Well, that's where I would just lay down and refuse to leave if I ever, ever, ever saw a booth chock full of vintage Christmas like this one. Holey Moley it is fantastic! I would love for my booth to look like this at Christmas, but I can't bear to sell much of my vintage goods. (I don't hit the Motherload like you do - you lucky, lucky ducky!) I hope you do GREAT!


Ooo! I wish I could come and shop! I see a lot of things I would like to buy!


Wonder how much a ticket is to Portland ....


I can't wait to get there in person, I already spotted a couple things I "need" - hehe!


I am in awe. Truly.

Janet Johnson

Looks great! That's a BIG job to cross off your list. I'll try to find time to check it out. The bed springs make a great display for ornies.


If I lived near you, I'd be all over that like a cheap hooker!

Nan York

Believe me if I were in the lower 48 I would get over there to shop at your Christmas Faire it looks so inviting and so many things I can't get up here oh boy I'm so jealous I can't stand it!!!

Stacey Johnson

OH MY WORD...I so want to go to your booth!


I must agree with the others... so wish I lived close enough to shop there! Awesome Laurie!!!


Wow, wish I lived closer to come shoppe all these goodies!! It all looks great! ;) xo Heather


Drool worthy booth, just sitting here wishin I lived closer!


I am so glad I saw this post!! I happen to have an old spring bed from a crib and had no idea what to do with it and now I do!!! It looks so gorgeous with all those ornaments on it!!! Off to find my vintage ones!! Thanks for the inspiration!! The booth looks fab!!


the amazing duo - so much goodness in one spot. congrats!


your space looks AMAZING! i know if i spotted it in a shop I would zoom right over and probably spend all my money! I hope you have great sales!


Oh, it's wonderful!! I love everything! What a happy space! I would want to buy it all!!!

Into Vintage

You're a peach, Ethel! Love all your pics and the fact that we can collaborate on vintage Christmas this year! xo

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