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October 20, 2013



Oh how I wish I had just a fraction of your energy! I can't believe how busy you've been! Everything looks just magical and unique! Well done girl!
Good Luck this season!
Erica :)

Musings from Kim K.

Oh my! I see several goodies that might need to travel to MI. You have been a busy busy gal. Good thing you have a couple of extra rooms to spread out in right now. I'd gladly help you sort your goodies!


I can't wait! I'm so happy that I live close enough to go to the shows so that I don't have to fight the Etsy crowds for your creations! I'll see you soon, friend :-)


Eddie Mitchell

I bet that at night, they all come alive and dance around the room and sparkle together.


I-yi-yi, girl! It is amazing what you accumulate and even more amazing is how much you accomplish in the studio. I can't wait to see the mall space!!


Love Eddie's comment. I can see them all up dancing around! I bet IF your kids came home, you would find a spot for them. :) All your work makes my pittance look pitiful.


I'M SPEECHLESS!! Soooooo like do you ever sleep? I can imagine little elves in your studio coming to life at night when you're sleeping making things like in the little shoemaker cartoon! Excuse me while I stand here drooling over your goodies!!
I'm just amazed at how you do all that by yourself. I know you have to have an elf or two! Thanks for making me smile :-)

Karen G

Oh my that is a lot of vintage Christmas. It is so pretty, but sure looks like a ton of work. The fun part is the buying, but the work has to be done. Get it all sold so you can buy more.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

All I can think when I see these photos is that whoever gets to go to your shows is SO lucky! It's a lot of work, but it's pretty obvious that you love every single minute of it!


I wish I was at your house!!!


UN BE LIEVABLE! I guess when I think back on allllll the posts of what you found this year it all makes sense that you would have so much. It is vintage Christmas Wonderland. Looking forward to going to your shows!

Sheryl Remy

Oh my goodness. You must be exhausted. Put on some slippers, warm a beverage, put your feet up and watch some movies or read a good book. You deserve it for all that you have accomplished. Relax a little.


Looks like you are well prepared. Love it all!!!


Stacey Johnson

Oh my word! I can't believe how much you've found! Love those Bottle Brush trees!

Patti M

I just have one question....do we, your devoted blog followers get first crack at your treasures?? LOL!....((hugs)) P:)


Oh my gosh!!! I hope you're saving some of that glorious Christmas wonder for us out-of-towners!


oh my... I feel like Ive not had enough halloween yet! but I feel christmas seeping into my brain too. I lOVE those little snow girls.. I want to come play with all of your craft supplies!
have a great week


All such eye candy and those snowgals are too cute!! xo Heather

Melissa's Antiques

How do you find the time? Looks like you've been one busy gal!

Shelley Germann

Are you sure you don't have a group of elves helping you? Or possibly an army clones? You have to be the most energetic person I know! That's a lot of stuff to craft!


Be still my Vintage Christmas hoarding soul! Oh. Did I say hoarding? I meant Collecting! Yeah that's it! My Vintage Christmas COLLECTING soul. Amazed at the amount of work a collection like that represents amassing, prepping, creating then selling. Angels to you! Strong one who can do the lifting!


OMG - it's incredible!!!! What treasure troves of crafting bliss... I would love to dive in and create!

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