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November 05, 2013



I don't collect too much but I do collect these! I have a small white tree that is dedicated to these bird ornaments...I love them. Last year I got a couple of the different birds- a cockatoo and parrot... I gave the parrot as part of the gift but kept the cockatoo. Have a great week! karen...


My favorite ornaments that belong to my Grandma are her fancy glass birds. She has at least two dozen of them in perfect condition and I'm sure in their original box. They have everything in it's original box!
You have a great collection of them! I think my favorite has to be the parrot. So different.

Melissa's Antiques

I have a huge collection of the birds too! And like you, I can't bear to throw away a bird if it only has a minor flaw! I have been looking all over for a hummingbird with the spun glass wings!


I just love these old birds. I found one at an antique shop a few weeks back, but passed on it as it's beak was badly broken. They are hard to find in good shape. Love your collection Laurie!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

This is one of the few vintage Christmas items I actually collect. I don't mind if they're missing tails or clips either. Those hummingbirds are pretty cool!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

So glad you take pity on those wounded birds. If anyone can bring them back to life, it's you! These birds bring back great memories of spending Christmas at my Grandma's. She would have them on her tree, along with some Shiny Brites and chenille santas. So pretty!


I have a few of these birdies also. I buy them when I spot them. Some have tails and some don't. But, I leave mine out year round. I clip them onto plants, a stack of books, etc.

Janet Johnson

Wonderful birds! I have a few, too. When I get one without a tail, I just push a couple of feathers in the opening. The birds seem happy with their replacement tails.


These birds are so lovely. you have some very unusual ones. That last picture is a very sweet birdie. I have a couple that were on our tree when I was growing up. Thanks for rescuing the little guys.

Dorothy Crutchfield

What beautiful birds! I love the parrots and swans! Thanks for always sharing your collections with us!
Have a great week, Dorothy


My kind of girl! I take pity on things too and I have some that I have rescued. Thanks for the info on replacement tails. I had no idea someone sold them. I have these old tree toppers that are marginal and they have spun glass all around in a circle that look just like the tails....anyways, someone told me she cuts the spun glass off, tapes them together and they look just like the tails. Of course if I get lazy, I know where I can buy some now!
Sigh.....now you've got me in the mood to haul out my Christmas. Of course I have some Thanksgiving things to put out (in the corner somewhere) LOL!
Have a wonderful day :-)


I collect those too and out of all of my Christmas d├ęcor, they are my favorite. My Grandma Gloria gave me several before she passed away and since I don't have a lot of things from her (thanks to my selfish aunts but that's a whole other story) I cherish them!



Many many years ago I bought a bunch of springs and clips to repair all of mine. I cannot remember where I bought those for the life of me though...


Oooh, Aaah... I love that you even save the damaged ones, like "velveteen" birds!

Musings from Kim K.

As soon as I saw this post, I thought of the song from Mary Poppins - Feed the Birds. Here are a few lines... perfect for your sweet little birds.

"Come feed the little birds,
Show them you care
And you'll be glad if you do"


arent they lovely! that is the sweetest little collection. I have three little glass birds that go on my tree every year and I love them. Mine are pretty beat up too!
have a great day


What a coincidence, I just bought a small bag of these birds yesterday, none of them in the very best shape, but I'll see what I can do. I had to buy them!!! I have a few of my Mom's and they're in good shape, they are so pretty!!

Lisa W.

I just sent you an email about Blumchen ! I always look through your photos first before reading ........... silly me ! Thinking that you would not already know about Blumchen ! Love this collection ............


What a beautiful collection! I just have a couple birds. I found my prettiest one at the flea market this summer...came home and immediately dropped it on the kitchen floor, breaking it's beak. Now I can't remember if I decided to throw it away or not. Tonight we went to a gift shop and they had a x-mas tree decorated in just repro birds like this. Packed full. It was really pretty!
Great post! Erica :)

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