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November 12, 2013



Fun collection. We played Spill and Spell when I was a kid-- a newer version, I think than yours. It was pretty fun. My folks played it with us too.


What a great bubblegum machine!! Love the color of it too. The dice look great in it.
Boy, you sure do have a collection of almost everything vintage huh? I always try to come up with a challenge for you but it always seems like you've done a post on everything already! One of these days I'll have to think of something.
Have a wonderful day!
PS....I don't think I know anyone who seems to have as much fun as you do :-)

Linda @ A La Carte

Love dice and you have a great collection. What a fun way to display them!


a happy solution!


Ohmygosh! I absolutely love the dice displayed in the gumball machine! It is so visually interesting and cool. And the best part is that you have plenty of room to add more!


When jack was between and 4 and 5 he was OBSESSED with the bowling dice game. He would play that for hours a day. I think we have lost a lot of the dice by now though!

Melissa's Antiques

So in love with the idea of displaying them in an old bubblegum machine.

My brother has a collection that could probably fill one and I now how the perfect solution for his display.

AND now I know what to get him for Christmas.

Thanks for sharing!


I have a bunch of old dice too - I've been toying with the idea of putting them in my old gumball machine too. Maybe we were seperated at birth?

Guess what? I have a sort of collection post for you! When I was crafting away the other day I realized that when I had my music going, I was WAY more productive than when I had the TV going. So, do you listen to music or listen to the TV or nothing at all? And, if you DO listen to music - what are your top played on your ipod or playlist?


Great way to display your collection! I, too, have an accumulation of dice but nothing to rival this one.

Musings from Kim K.

That is definitely a fantastic display for those dice. Very cool collection. That blue color of the bubble gum machine is awesome.


I like Shara's suggestion about telling us what you listen to while you craft. I am ready to get the Christmas music playing!


What next?! Are you going to start collecting vintage Keno pencils? HA! Hey, I may have just given you an idea...

I love the way those dice are displayed. A while back, I pinned a photo of an old gumball machine holding vintage buttons so I have been on the lookout for one for some of Maddie's collection. No luck yet but I'm sure I will find one in some of my travels.



Ha! Love the dice in the bubblegum machine... perfect! I have a few dice, kind of a "side collection" from collecting vintage Monopoly tokens. Love all the colours and the wooden ones!


They are so cool in the bubble gum machine! Imagine how awesome it will look when its full!


That gum machine is so perfect! The color offsets the dice. I have my dice in jars, and I too have some with bowling balls but mine are white. I just like the colors and sizes of all the different dice.


I love the green dice, and a clever way to display the collection! I don't know if you have featured any of these yet, but how about vintage (paper)advent calendars?

Janet Johnson

Love the dice in the gumball machine. I notice you only have square dice. You need some Dungeons and Dragons dice which are many sided. I think they would qualify for collection -- they're from the 80s.
I have some marbles in one of my gumball machines... which leads to ... Show me your marble collection. (I know you must have one)


What a great collection! In my gumball machines I have buttons and marbles and small rubber super balls.

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