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November 19, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

Fun Thanksgiving finds. It's so hard to find Thanksgiving "anything" at estate sales. I hope you have college kiddos coming home for Thanksgiving!


Oh good,
I'm not the only one with one bin of Thanksgiving. I found some vintage large honeycomb pilgrims in blue and quite a few turkey ones to add to my cardboard pilgrims and asst Thanksgiving paper decorations. I've never seen the paper plates or coasters you have. Those are cute. I have everything in the front window display.....Didn't want to go from Halloween to Christmas like the stores do. Although the rest of the house is starting to look like Christmas LOL.
Always nice to share a cup of coffee with your blog :-)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Love all of your Thanksgiving paper goodies, but I keep looking at that chippy blue piece of wood. Is that weird? Well anyway, those turkeys look really really nice with that wood as a backdrop!

vintage grey

Love all the plates and honeycombs!! xo Heather


I too only have one bin of vintage Thanksgiving and it's not even all the way full. So sad :-)

Love your turkeys, especially the four small ones. I only have one of the large ones but am always on the hunt for more. Forgot to tell you....I am headed up to Portland early on Friday so that I have a chance to visit your booth at Monticello. Hopefully there are some goodies left for me :-)


Sandie Steadman

Thought of you last week when I found small spun cotton turkeys with real? feathers! Love your decorations. Happy Thanksgiving!


I have one of the small grumpy turkey's too! He cracks me up with that scowl.


Another great collection! Love the honeycomb turkeys... always amazes me that those survived the years. Gobble, Gobble backatcha!


I have 2 sets of vintage cardboard dye cut pilgrims. If I can find them I will send you one! If anyone will display it you will :)


I love this little collection of yours! Maybe even more because it's smaller and harder to come by. I've always said I'm not allowed to collect Thanksgiving. So I've sold anything I have found. I'm getting close to breaking down though! lol
The other day I found the sweetest little set of German turkey salt and pepper shakers. Uh Oh!
Thanks for sharing!
Erica :)


sometimes I think I would like to skip thanksgiving decorating and go straight to christmas.. (the decorating.. not the holiday) but I do have some really cute turkeys and I would miss not seeing them.. so I get my 1 bin out and do it! I do have to admit it is the easiest holiday for me to decorate for! lol!
love your paper birds! have a great day


I own nothing Thansgiving , I have never seen anythjng either or I probably woukd have purchased it! Your collection may be smalll but it's awfully cute!


There's a lot of goodness packed in that one bin! (I think many of us feel a bit relieved that we have only one bin of Thanksgiving decor.)


Thanksgiving is tough for sure. I have the same turkeys as you and a few honey comb wheat stocks, and some little Beistle pilgrim cut outs, and that's it.
Great collection! I love these posts!
Show me your collection of bow ties!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I can't wait to be gobbling up the turkey. Cute collection. I can't imagine what collections you haven't shared yet.


I wonder why Thanksgiving things are hard to find. My favorite is those cute little coasters. Usually those are ruined if used so they must have been saved.

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