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November 17, 2013



Good thing you have that warning sign. Who knows what could happen otherwise? (I would probably chop down one of those Styrofoam ones myself. If I were the lawbreaking type.)

Musings from Kim K.

Oh my. I'm loving your festive forest! So many delightful designs! Such pretty eye candy. Another post to share with my mom and sister!!

Melissa's Antiques

These are all great. The last picture is the BEST. Love that sign.


Love your forest of trees! They all look so cheerful and fun. I love color too like in your sequined trees and the bump chenille trees are too cute. Did you make the styrofoam trees too? I love the quirkiness of all your trees!!
So much fun :-)


Love all your trees. The styrofoam ones remind me of Dr. Suess. I like how they stack inside each other.


Mitzi Curi

What a great looking forest! You have such a wonderful and unique style all your own!

Janet Johnson

Love the little pink bump chenille tree. Dr. Suess would be proud. And the pink snowman seems quite happy in his little forest.


Oh Laurie, be still my heart! Being a born-and-raised Oregonian, I have adored trees all my life. So naturally, I can't have enough Christmas trees, real or otherwise. Your selection has revved up my creativity! Did you make all these trees?


The fir trees around my house are jealous!! I especially like your chenille trees....both kinds. Of course the more color, the better for me!

Kim Campbell

Sooo neat!


Awesome forest Laurie! You really have the knack for re-creating all kinds of vintage delights. You could have easily worked in the advertising industry in the 40s and 50s! (if you were born in a different decade, that is ;) )

vintage grey

Wow, a gorgeous forest of pretty trees!! Love your new holiday makes, too!! xo Heather


HaHaHa, that sign cracked me up! I love them all, every single one!


The trees are fantastic! I can't imagine how long it took to make the ones in the first picture! I hadn't seen the stackable ring ones either...my guess is that nobody but YOU knew about them! LOL
At an estate sale this summer I found what appears to be a large handmade bottle brush tree with those tiny glass candles at the tip of every branch! It was pulled apart and in a box. Fine by me! :)
Great post!


Your trees are way better than the ones that shed a bazillion leaves in my yard! How fun would it be to live in a world filled your with colorful bottlebrush trees?

Speaking of bottlebrush trees, would you mind sharing with me your method of dying them? I picked up a forest full (HA!) the other day and want to change up the colors.

Thanks Friend! I will see you Friday.



I love them all! I am going to dye some trees this week too! Hugs! karen....


Oh Christmas Tree!!! That song is so going to be stuck in my head all day now. Your sequin trees are to die for! Well all of them are actually. So dreamy...


Laurie, your trees are all wonderful and fun. But I especially LOVE those sequined/beaded trees in the first picture. Oh me oh my, those are a delight!!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think you definitely need that sign, otherwise there would be some serious tree poaching going on in that forest! Can't even pick a favorite, because they're ALL wonderful!


I love all your trees and I am intrigued with the first picture. What size pins do you use?


I love this, Laurie. The tree farm notice just sends it over the top. :)

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