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November 02, 2013



A-dorable! :)


Good for you! Whenever you find something that you can't put out of your mind, it is better to just buy it. You can always resell it down the road, which is easier than living with the regret for a LONG time! lol!!

P.S. They are adorable!!!


If anybody should own a pair of pink clown shoes.....It should be you!!
You just put a BIG smile on my face :-)
Thanks for making my day!


Absolutely adorable!! And meant to be yours if they were there the next day


I can't stop smiling! lol While I was reading the post I was totally picturing vintage pink cowboy boots. So when the clown shoes popped up I gasped! They are PERFECT for you! Nope, you would never ever find another pair, and if you didn't buy them it would have bugged you forever. So really...you had no choice at all! Ha!
I think this spring you should do a big display with them as the focal point, and bring out all of your clownish/circus things. :)


Ahahahaha! Oh Laurie, ballet shoes just are not you. But these....

Are perfect!

What a great find indeed. They must look amazing in your studio.


Of course you bought a pair of amazing, one-of-a-kind pink clown shoes. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised you walked away from them at first . . . before you came to your senses :) Congratulations!


Totally magpie Ethel! I'd suggest you wear them to shows, but I fear you would trip. I would have bought them too!


Oh good golly, those are SO perfectly Magpie Ethel that I cannot imagine you WOULDN'T buy them. Bravo!!

Jenn Bontrager

What a cute buy! You should totally wear those to town and see the funny looks you would get.


I expect to see you wearing those the next time I see you! Only you would buy a pair of pink clown shoes AND have the perfect pair of vintage laces to go with them!


Eddie Mitchell

How perfectly, totally, wonderfully, delightfully, absolutely AWESOME!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Never seen anything like them either - they're awesome!


Well now, I'm not even sure what to say.....yes I do....good for you!
They're utterly FAB! I can honestly say I've never run across a pair of those.....


Soooo funny!! Who could't buy these shoes!!! They're awesome!



They made me smile, too! Glad you went back after them! Love the idea of displaying them like ballerina slippers!


Awesome! I was picturing bowling shoes but these are waaaay better! What a fun find!


Laurie, this made me smile, okay... laugh out loud! Love, love them! You are so funny. I was just thinking about you and the fact that I had not visited your blog in a long time, when I came upon a pin from your blog on Pinterest, so here I am! I am looking forward to putting out the elves that you brought be all those years ago at The Farm Chicks. (thank you again!)

~Debbie (Mermaids of the Lake)

Musings from Kim K.

I'm so glad you rescued them. They are totally you. You definitely need to wear them at some of your shows. This post brings a HUGE smile to my face.


At first I thought they were boots (looking at the back of them). I just laughed out loud when I saw they were such huge clown shoes. Perfect for you! The new laces are just right. Happy you went back for them!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

If only they could talk...the stories they could tell! Those are CUTE Laurie.


These are amazing! To even see such a ting is a treat and now you can enjoy them every day! A real treasure.

Meri Wiley

Oh geez.......you find all the bestest stuff girlfriend. I'd just die if I found something like that. Now we need to see a piccy of you wearing them.......;o)

Janet Johnson

I once found a pair of clown shoes at an estate sale. I often think of them and smile. They were, however, NOT pink. Perhaps I would own them if they had been pink. We'll never know. Enjoy!

Sheryl Remy

I didn't know they came in any color other than red. How are you going to work them into a display? Any thoughts?


At first I thought bowling shoes. Then boots. Clown shoes did not occur to me ... although I am sure you are as light as a ballerina on your feet, clown shoes seem more appropriate somehow!

Melissa's Antiques

Only you! Love it!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Pink Clown Shoes! Wouldn't you love to know who wore these, and what the costume looked like? I am not in any way surprised that you bought these. They're so FUN and so YOU!


Awesome! When I saw the first peek picture I was thinking bowling shoes. These are eight million times better. Thanks for the smile!

Into Vintage

I'm still chuckling over these. They were meant for you! :)

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