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December 03, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

Love, love, love these gathered together for your banister. Pure Christmas magic. Must share this post with my mom and sister. Another favorite!!


Your banister looks fabulous!!


I found some with little perforated dots this year - the only ones I've ever found! I love those ones with the fancier decorations. Decorating the banister for the first time this year ... yours is gorgeous!


OK...now I am green with envy! I have NEVER seen these before and I've been collecting vintage Christmas for at least 30 years. We've talked about this before with other collections you have and that is that I don't see the same kinds of things over here on the East Coast (I am right outside of D.C.). I am gonna go look on ebay right now - I have to have some! The bannister looks amazing! Thanks for all your posts - I look forward to them every Tuesday for sure!


Can't wait for you to show the rest of your house off! Love those foil cones. I have a couple of the Santa ones but they're small. Looks like you have some larger ones there. The reindeer one is darling!
I do like the white garland on your banister. I still have the normal green. I like the white better since it shows off the colors better.
Have a wonderful day :-)


The embossed ones are the best. So much great detail! I really miss having a banister to decorate. This is the first place I have lived without one.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Love this collection Laurie and a perfect way to display them too. Does Santa fill them with treats?

xo Danielle

Janet Johnson

Banister looks great!


Perfect for the banister and what a great idea!


I have some of these but I never knew what they were until you mentioned them one other time. I put mine in my Dime Store Display. I love yours on the banister. I've always wished for a banister to decorate. And a mantle. And a piano. Oh, and maybe a bigger house! :D I called it quits on decorating today. If it isn't done, it's just too bad. (Still have the decorations to put on the tree, but that's not so bad.) Hope you are about done too.


Oooooooh.....decorate the banister! What an awesome idea. Now I need to rack my brain to try and decide just how I want to do it. Thanks, Ethel!

I'm not sure if I've ever seen those candy cones before. Since I didn't know what they were until this post, it's very likely that they got passed up. BUT if they had a cute Santa on them like the ones you have, there is no way that I would have left them. I love having new things to look for!

Stay warm. It is absolutely FREEZING here! Our automatic gate is frozen so we have to get out of our vehicles to open it. Jeez, don't I sound spoiled?


Shelley Germann

I have never run across a single one of these...how fabulous! Your railing (bannister) is just beautiful!

Sheryl Remy

Wow. Once again you practically made my eyes pop out. These are great. I too have never seen such a thing as these. They are gorgeous.


Love the old graphics (Reindeer and Santa especially) on these old cones. What a great way to display them Laurie; love your bannister! Happy Day!


So adorable! The bannister looks like the perfect place. This is one item I don't remember from my childhood. I guess mother didn't buy any. Great collection!


Again, another thing I've never seen before. I love the little boot shaped one and the way you decorated your banister with them is genius! So festive!


Those are so cute and adorable!! I just love how you use and decorate with them!! SO pretty and so fun!! xo Holly


Add that to my lookout list...


I have never seen these before. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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