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December 16, 2013


Sheryl Remy

I think you must love your work. I can see that you spend hours and hours and more hours in your workroom. Isn't that the best job in the world when you do what you love.
Thanks for sharing showtime with those of us who are unable to attend.


Oh how I wish I could have been there! I could have spent the whole weekend in your treasure filled booth! I am IN LOVE with that dog ornament! And the white ceramic deer with the tree is gorgeous! I thought of you while thrifting last week when I scored a bag of 23 vintage flocked Santas of all shapes and sizes.

Mary Steinbrink

Wow! I love to read your blog and see all your craftiness! You are an inspiration. Merry Christmas!


That is just a big old pile of glittery happiness, now isn't it? Everything made me smile. I love it that you add a little something to everything - even an old candy container with the HOHOHO makes it "crafty". You are just a creative genius! Hope you get a break soon!!!!!

Janet Johnson

Wow! What a display. It's fun to see how you take some craft pieces that many of us would toss and make it into something wonderful. Thanks for taking time to take pictures.

Dorothy Crutchfield

Eye candy! Everything is ADORABLE! That little ceramic dog head was so cute. I loved it all.


OMG!! A vintage Christmas Heaven!! I must admit the snowmen are my favorite!!! I just love your creations!

Melissa's Antiques

What a happy and festive booth! I loved looking through all your pictures. Thanks for sharing!! :)


After looking at this I wish I had made time to go this year if only to see your booth!! I love the birds swinging on mercury beads!! My head is swimming in Magpie Magic. So happy you posted so many pictures.


I love how you use vintage items as display pieces - it adds so much ambience to your booth! I can't wait to go to this show next year!

shirley hatfield

Oh, I do hope you sold a lot! I would have been standing there all agog and not able to decide! I reorganized my crafting supplies again today...I don't want to put Christmas away just yet, but I think I can adapt some of my ideas to Valentines Day.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I want to know if you dream of little pixies, snowmen, deer, fairies and birds and if you have permanent glitter under your nails? Your booth looked fantastic! Someday I will make it to one of your shows. I just love your creations, they are truly magical.

xo Danielle


I am so tickled that I got to see all of this beauty in person! Even with all of the time we spent in your booth, I still missed seeing a few things (birthday swans?!). This will be an annual event for Maddie, Hanna, & I for sure.

Happy Holidays!


Patti M

Hear ye! Hear ye! Upon viewing thy wonderous domain we do bestow on thee the Royal Crown of Craftyness!! All hail the Crafting Queen!!! All hail the Crafting Queen!!! ...hugs :) 


What a wonderful booth! I love it all! I bet really had so much fun looking at it all in person! karen...

Musings from Kim K.

Just look at "ALL" that amazing Christmas magic. I really do dream of visiting your booth and your studio someday. I could have spent the whole weekend just soaking in all your lovely creations. Your mother's curtains are the perfect backdrop. Love it all!


Laurie, I am simply amazed at how much inventory you are able to make, especially since you do 5 shows! I just posted today about my market last weekend and I know how hard and how long I had to work just to make what inventory I had--and my booth looked positively bare next to yours! LOL I think I've seen you mention before that you start in the summer to make things and I can see why--that's my plan for next year!


Oh Laurie, you just ROCK it!! Utterly amazing what you collect and what you do with it to give it new life. I can imagine the delighted customers taking home your little bits and pieces of Ethel magic. Well done!


I bet you would win the ribbon for the Happiest and most fun looking booth there. You are just full of holiday spirit and you would win that for yourself hands down! It looked like Candy Land there. I also like the backdrop, it does showcase all of your creations better. So where's that pic of you dressed in your holiday blazer and top?
You must have looked darling standing there with all your cute things :-)

Holly-cutie pie cottage

Thank you thank you for the picture heaviness! It would be so much fun to visit one of your shows some day!

Glad you had a good show! ♥

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I can only imagine that people must have been standing in front of your booth with their mouths hanging open in awe! It all looks amazing, but how come there's no picture of you in your holiday attire? I wanted to see some shots of you wearing those shirts that Amy reworked for you!


You are AMAZING! So enjoyed you post and all the fab ways you create the magic of Christmas in everything you do. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Wow! Have your ever worked at the North Pole? An amazing setting filled to the rim with treasures, & created for a temporary use. Thanks for the peek.


I love this post more every year! I think you really outdid yourself - just lots and lots of glittery wonderfulness, my dear!


Want. All. The. Deers!

;) Oh everything is absolutely stunning... I can't imagine all the hours you spent creating this immense inventory! Incredible. Just Incredible!

Oh and I am sitting here viewing all your wonderful creations with your deer with bell here on my desk. So cool to have a piece of your art actually beside me. I love her. ;)


LOVE!!! Your display is gorgeous and your wares are FAB!

Mitzi Curi

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! What more can I say? The best show display I have ever seen!

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