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December 07, 2013


Shelley Germann

Love the Yankee Doodle record and fife! Followed by the witch hat, second...followed by all the rest!


I hope your show is well worth the wicked cold set up! We are feeling your pain down here in Colorado, -5 is just dumb.
That record is exploding with cute! And the inflatable Santa is a cool find. I think your usual finds of misc. junk are behind my recent desire to purchase little dodads and bit and pieces. : )


An estate sale on the way to the grocery store and this is the 2nd day? Lucky! Goofy holiday dept is up my alley too :-)What is the Santa in the background that says "Greetings"? That's a cute Santa too along with the inflatable. Cute witch's hat. I wouldn't have passed the phonograph up either with that smiling face. Great score with the candy cane and original box along with the Fife.
Good luck with your show tomorrow and don't freeze out there!! We're supposed to be 5 deg here in the morning. Not much different from you Brrrrrrrr.


Hoping it is a big shopping day since it is too cold to be outdoors. Bundle up big time!!


Eek-- that is cold! Don't freeze your fingers! Nice finds! Do you think those plastic balls are a parakeet toy? Unusual record! Neat!

Musings from Kim K.

My craft room wall has about 15 children's picture records hanging on the bulkhead. Aren't those graphics wonderful?! Good for you on finding some neat things on the way to the grocery store.


Most of the good sales and the flea market got cancelled down here. Negative 6 last night! We got our tree yesterday and the trunk is too frozen to screw in my tree stand. It's a little wobbly so there is no way I am putting any of my ornaments on it. It just needs a few days to thaw.

I love that inflatable Santa. I bought one at Glory Days last year and when I got him home, found that the seam had split so I had to take him back. So sad! He was really cute. Hope you did well at Laurelhurst. Hopefully the roads will let me make it up to Crafty Wonderland next weekend. Maddie and I have been looking forward to it for weeks.



Just did my big show this weekend. It was below 10 when we loaded in on Thursday and below zero when we packed it up last night--BRRRR!!! So you have my sympathies because I know how it feels!

I did feel bad for the poor folks whose booths were right inside the doors to the show and therefore spent the whole 2 days getting blasts of freezing cold temperatures ALL.DAY.LONG. Normally being right near the front seems like a good thing but they definitely were at a disadvantage because of the weather. I was so happy to be further back where it was WARM!


Love that record...just too cute. Stay warm and good selling today.

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