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December 20, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

Oh my goodness! It's Christmas magic in that house of yours!!! I must share this post with Chris right away. It's wonderful. Simply wonderful.

PS. The large wooden Santa that is waving at us in that first shot is the one that is suppose to go with the sleigh and reindeer that Chris bought a few years ago at an estate sale. I've been on the lookout to find him. Looks like we need to make a trip to Oregon.


Wow! I've never seen so many Santas in one place. It's amazing! I especially love the last one with the sly look. Yeah, he totally sees you when your sleeping! ; )


Love Santa Land!! You know I'm partial to Santas and Elves :-) What a fun and festive looking house. I just love everything!!!
Can't imagine walking into your house and seeing all those Santa heads on your wall. I'm sure in the evening with your porch lit up and the lights on inside, your house is just one magical looking place!
I have two brothers of the last Santa on your blog with the garland around his neck :-)
Thanks for making my morning!
**Just dragged Phil over to look at your post.

Mary Steinbrink

Wow! I love Santaland. All your vintage decor is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see more!

Judy Ainsworth

Wow,Laurie you are some terrific
Artist!!!-Judy A-

Sheryl Remy

You really should do a good book some day so we could look at your home decor for every season. How I wish I could see it in person.


I love all of the cardboard Santas! It's interesting to see all of the different interpretations of Santa's face, too. I agree with Sheryl - we need a Magpie Ethel book!


I like the cardboard Santas too although they all look so cheery! I bet it's hard to be in a bad mood at your house!


Ho Ho Ho! You and I together could open a Santa Museum! I have that giant rubber faced Santa - he is one of my favorite things. Ever. I paid $2.00 for him and RAN to the car!

Can't believe you take all your Santa's on the porch in every night. Your living room must be quite the sight!


It IS SantaLand!! A very fun display. The practical side of me wonders how you hang all those Santas. Do you hang them from the picture rail above or some other way??


I am going to buy myself a red Santa suit and move into Santa land. Think you would notice me? Maddie found one of those rubber faced Santa's at Glory Days and begged me for it. Who was I to turn my girl down?

Happy Holidays~


Melissa's Antiques

I love all the Santas!

chris mckinley

Holy Moly!! Santa land is right!!! So much fun!!! Do you ever wonder if they come to life while you're sleeping???


Oh.My.Gosh!! A adore your Santa-land!

Holly-cutie pie cottage

Bam! Santa Land! Too fun! ♥


Words are failing me! LOL My jaw is on the floor, I think that's the problem. Ha!
Santa Land is amazing. DREAMY!
I bought my first rubber faced Santa the other day. Fun Fun!
Thanks for sharing!
Erica :)


Love, Love, Love!!!!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year Laurie!


So cool! I love them all, but I think my favorites are the cardboard Santas - they look so great all together!

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