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December 22, 2013



I didn't even get out half of my ornaments this year. I think next year I am going to try the doorway garland like you did. I have so many pretty ornaments but they can't possible fit on all of my trees. They deserve to be showcased!! Thanks for the inspiration :-)



I just could not get it all done this year, so I am even more enjoying your fantastic work! Two questions: How long does it take you to decorate?! and ... Do you do anything special to secure the ornaments on your doorway swag? Happy Christmas!

laurie magpie ethel

Decorating. It takes about three days, but not hard-core. I work in the studio for awhile and then come in and do 3 or 5 hours at a time. I like it. I enjoy watching cars slow down at night to see my house..gets me in the holiday spirit!
I do not do anything extra beyond making sure the hooks are secure on the garland. The larger ornaments that are on the end I do wire on. My garland is fairly substantial with a wire running thru it so stuff is hung well..I just make sure the hooks are on well with a bend to them.


Wow, what a wonderful home you have... how can you NOT smile when you see all the amazing decor? You really have done an awesome job Laurie!


Love the happy shiny Christmas world you've created!

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