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December 04, 2013


Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I love it all. If I were walking in your neighborhood there might be nose prints on your windows - LOL. So cute!


Wow your displays look amazing!! It's all so very pretty! Love your fridge, the white garlands, and silver trees! And not mention all those sweet Santas!! :) Happy December!! xo Holly


I'm wide awake now!!! I was a little drowsy but your post of your wonderfully festive looking house made my eyes pop open more! Looks like Santa Land or Santa's Village out front. I'd be walking back and forth in front of your house to get it all in (You're not the only nosy one). Love your Santa heads around the window. Clever idea. The aluminum trees look good together like that too. I bet your neighbors love all your decorating for the holidays.
Thanks for the little teaser on your house :-)
Can't wait to see Snowman Land!
PS....your house looks great in the evening with all the lighting.

Musings from Kim K.

I'd definitely have nose prints all over your windows. The aluminum trees look absolutely magical. I'm sure your house is a favorite on the block. I will be visiting this post over and over again. Christmas magic definitely lives at your house!


I am going to make Brian read all of your holiday posts this year. Then maybe he won't think that I am the only crazy vintage Christmas holiday hoarder. Do you always put out every single thing you have? That was my dilemma this year. I was able to put out everything, even incorporating what I found over the last year pretty easily, except for my snowman blow molds. I just can't find a good spot for them and it is really stressing me out!! I told Alex I needed him to climb up on the roof and put them up there and he told me that he was just starting basketball season and didn't need to get hurt.

I cannot wait to see more. Alex has a few games in the Portland area in the next couple of weeks. I may have to do a drive by...



Oh I would SO be standing out front just waiting for the lights to come on!!! It's all just so happy!!!
And that fridge...swoon....what brand is it? I need one!!!!
Can't wait for the snowmen to appear.


I love that you have "Lands".... combining like treasures together makes such a great impact.

What a Wonderful Wonderland you've created! Can't wait to see more Laurie!!!

Sheryl Remy

It's wonderful. I feel like we should be seeing a line of small children waiting to sit on Santa's Lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

I think I'm visiting Santa's workshop!!! What a magical home!


Laurie, we don't call it 'nosy'. It's the 'Gladys Kravits' syndrome!
Merriest of Holidays to you!
Michelle K


I love it! Thanks for sharing, it is such a "jolly" house, cant wait to see more!
Hugs, karen....


Oh Laurie, it looks so beautiful! Love it x3 and bravo to you for braving the cold to get the blow molds set up on the porch - brrrrr.

Dorothy Crutchfield

Love that fridge! And I would love to take my nieces by your house to peek in the window at the Santas!! Thanks for sharing,

Holly-cutie pie cottage

Ho-ho-ho! to you too, Laurie! :)

Love it all! ♥


Wonderful, wonderful, fun, fun. It is so great to see your décor for every holiday!! I share your "peeking in windows" at night...have done it since I was little. Yours I might have to walk right up to and stare.


That makes me so happy seeing your decorations. Now I need to finish mine.


Oh, my - it really is a Christmas Wonderland at your house!! Love all those Santas!

Lisa W.

I Love peeking in your windows... Aunt Tillie's trees look heavenly ! Great job !!


The collection is amazing! I love being a nighttime peeper, too ;)


I would love to know how you hang the shiny brites on the garland....how the garland is hung etc. I think everything is absolutely amazingly beautiful.


I love it all! You have given me inspiration and a bit of Christmas spirit! Thank you!


Hi Laurie! I like to do the same thing!! lol There would certainly be my nose prints on your windows! Love the shiny brites on the garland! Very festive. Wow, a vintage fridge in your kitchen? Cool!


vintage grey

Wow, so beautiful and magical!! All those Santas and aluminum trees are so neat!! I would love to take a stroll by your home! Happy weekend! xo Heather


Love the "sneak peek". Can't wait for the grand tour!
In putting out my Christmas "collection" I have a challenge for you. I have a collection of Christmas matchbooks, matchboxes and match holders, do you? :)


Love, love, love it!! It's a Christmas wonderland!!! I could gaze at these wonderful decorations all day long! They just make me feel so cheerful and cozy!


Boy! Talk about making spirits rise! You can't help but have a Happy Holiday when you're surrounded by all that! Just wish I could shop there! Haha! Thanks for bringing a lot more joy to the world. :)

Shelley Germann

I think seeing all your blown molds is my favorite, every year. There is something so cheerful about them, their warm glow? I don't know, but I like 'em...a lot!


Ok - looks wonderful...and now a question to be nosy...do you live there by yourself? Not making this creepy or anything but curious if your family loves all this too?!!


I just saw that huge cardboard Santa on Pinterest! OF COURSE you own one!! haha! You crack me up! Oh, the fun things you have. Hard not to be jealous!


It's looking wonderful!

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