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December 13, 2013



Your outfits are too freakin' adorable! And Amy is very talented. Good luck this weekend ... hope you sell lots


I LOVE your outfits...too cute!!!!!! Wish I could bethere to see you. Good luck with your show!



Darling!!! I would buy from you just because of how you're dressed ;-)That is so cute that you even dress up for your shows! I feel perkier just looking at that attire! Lucky you to have a personal (wonderful friend) tailor!
Do we get to see pics of you with those on?
Would be fun to see you and your booth together!
Good luck with your sale :-)
Wish I was there!!


My gosh, those are DARLING! I think Miss Amy needs to start adding clothing items like this to her Etsy shop!

Musings from Kim K.

Perfectly YOU! Miss Amy certainly worked some beautiful Christmas magic. You really need to model them for us. Best wishes this weekend. I still dream of visiting you!


That google eye santa is cracking me up! If there is one thing I have learned from Amy Sedaris, it is that google eyes can and should go on anything!

Meri Wiley

Love, love, love the clothing......how lucky are you......wow. That necklace is amazing, too.



I love the clothing! I bet you are going to get a lot of people asking where they can get the same things! And I can't wait to go to Crafty Wonderland - next year!

vintage grey

Love them both, but think the Santa one is my favorite! Amy is quite talented! Darling crochet hanger, too! xo Heather


OMG....speechless. I will have zero issues tracking you down tomorrow!



omgoodness!! those tops are just stinking amazing. and the necklaces too..
How lucky you are to wear those things.
I might just be a tad bit jealous here! lol
I hope your show goes well.. I KNOW it will
have fun!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Have fun sell lots and look cute while doing it!

xo Danielle


Dang, she's good, nice work Amy! And those necklaces are to die for. Such a fun and festive little touch.
Good luck this weekend!


OMG, you're killing me! Surely you'll look like one of Santa's elves....the cutest one at that.
Happy sales to you.......:).


Ummm..I think the two of you could start a whole other business! Vintage Christmas clothes! They seriously couldn't be cuter.
Good Luck at this show! Your attire will surely bring even more people into your booth!
Erica :)

Holly-cutie pie cottage

Wow, you and Amy came up with the cutest blouses! Those necklaces are fab, too!

Best of luck with your show! ♥

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

Not only the best booth at the craft fairs but the best dressed too! Love this!!


Those jackets are just adorable and kudos to Amy for doing such a nice job with the bias tape edge on the green one. I am bias tape challenged! Good luck with the show and yay for the warmer weather to pack in!


You and Amy do make a great team! She is so very clever in sewing and having seen your new outfit I can say that with gusto! The necklace is awesome and you always look adorable at your shows! Good luck with weekend!


These outfits are amazing and I second the notion that you two could and SHOULD start a side business with clothing! These shirts are to die for and I would SOOOO wear one - so cute and unique! I myself would love to have one - does she do orders cuz I've got the embellishments and can get the shirt...I am serious, here! I am not a sewer and so would never have thought of this! Love it and want to see pictures of you at your booth in it! I bet people remark all day about how they love the outfit - I will be her first customer!

Into Vintage

Only for you, Ethel. Only for you. :-) xo

P.S. I'd like to add that Ethel is the brains behind her charming vintage wardrobe and I am more than happy to translate her whimsical visions onto fabric.


ohhh I be you have people asking to buy your clothes it is soooo cute!!!! What a wonderful idea! now I need to find someone who sews I have a few things that could be refitted.


That Amy! The only thing these duds lack is the live model showing them off.


I love all the details on these pieces! Gorgeous! I haven't seen anything quite like the shirts. Save for kitschy Christmas sweaters :D

Maria (Magia Mia)

How did I miss this post?! That Amy. I think now that Amy's gonna be local, you need to persuade her to get that doily factory buzzing again. These outfits are fantastic. I'm beginning to think you're her muse....:)

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