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December 11, 2013



Very cute! Like the tins in the previous post too. Good luck at the next show.


Can you hear my giddy squealing? I can't wait for Crafty Wonderland. Hanna may be able to meet me there so you may get to see all of us. Lucky gal :-)



I still need to find out the secret of your energy! I get energized just looking at your blog LOL. I'm squealing along with Erica except that lucky duck is going to your show!
You know I'm partial to your elf wreath but I'm smitten with your snowman and the white and pink reindeer one!! I love the softness of the colors with the quirky or fun looking reindeer on there.
Cute advertisement for the show too!
Have a wonderful day!


Hello, I am in the process of making my very first wreath. I was wondering if there is a way to safely take off an ornament? There is just one ornament on the wreath that just isn't working. BTW, your wreath are the best I have ever seen!

vintage grey

Wow, they are all so beautiful! That Rudolph is the cutest! Is that a felt piece? Have fun at your next show!! xo Heather


Your wreaths are just great. I think usually people either do "elegant" or "cute". You do both so well. If I had an ounce of your creativity I would be 100 times more crafty than now!!

Musings from Kim K.

Your wreaths really are pretty fabulous. I still dream of getting to one of your shows. That reindeer wreath is so one-of-a-kind. I've never ever seen anything quite like it! Perfectly YOU!


You have such a great creative eye!! Good luck at CW and hopefully not such a cold pack in.


Crafty Wonderland??? Oh, I can't wait to move to your neck of the woods! And your wreaths - they are to die for! I love, love, love the one with the hidden birds!

Melissa's Antiques

Laurie, I LOVE the Ho Ho Ho Santa one! So adorable!


All of your wreaths are great! I predict a 100% sell-out!

Patti M

Ok I think you need to do some craft shows in Florida...it's nice and warm, well it's in the high 50's & no snow...wouldn't that be nice? LOL!....hugs Patti :)
(I think I fixed it there was a letter missing from my address...let's see if this works!)

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

All very cute! Good luck at the next show then maybe you can rest.



Wow, you do have the creative craft gene. I would snap a few of those up in a second if I had the chance! They are all pretty great. Good luck at your show!


You get an environmentally-friendly gold star from me! I have never seen anyone better at re-using and recycling! Haha! Seriously though, the way you can turn trash into treasure is truly impressive. Good luck with your sales.:)


Oh my gosh they are all so cute! I think my favorites are the pink deer wreath and the Santa wreath at the end... I love them all!


So very cool Laurie; those wreaths look like they just arrived from the 40s or 50s... love the ones with the deer (are you surprised? Probably not) :)

Good luck at your show, not that you need it; I'll bet your stuff just flies off the shelves!


I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be by now! I think one show would kill me, let alone several! Oh how I would love to go to something called "Crafty Wonderland"! LOL Sounds like so much fun! Your wreaths will be a sell out for sure. They are amazing!
Erica :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

All of your wreaths are so pretty and full of charm and personality! I bet your booth always shines brighter than all the rest!


I LOVE them! Every single one is AWESOME, I can't pic a favorite. You're so talented!
I'm working on one right now that is made on a pool rack. It's turning out pretty dang cool. I'm lucky to have so many great places to turn to for inspiration!

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