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January 30, 2014



thanks for the tour of your home ;-) You have many lovely interesting things that we see you drag home from sales & I so enjoyed seeing how they become mixed in with the decor! fun fun fun!!!!!


You do have a wonderful,cozy,happy looking home!
I try to surround myself with things that make me happy or bring a happy memory when I see it. I like how you display your vintage jewelry. The doll is darling. What a thoughtful gift from your kids! It fits right in with your vintage decor. Of course everything is simply amazing!!
Thanks for the tour and stories :-)

Patti McCarthy

Loving the jewelry on the mirror - just about to go into my room and copy!!! Love it all, as usual. I just listed some party supplies on ebay and if they don't sell, I will send them to you to add to your stash! I don't recall ever seeing you use a square nut cup? Anyhow, thought you might like them so we'll see how it goes. (they are listed as party supplies under pmcestelle (seller) if you want to check it out! THanks for all the posts and keep up the amazing work!

Musings from Kim K.

I can't wait to share this post with my mom and sister. We always enjoy your estate sale treasures and it's fun to see where they are placed in your home. Such a special tour.


That's exactly what our homes should represent to us, pleasant memories! Good job you've done with yours.


Your house is one I would love to wander through and look at every single thing. I love to see other people's houses. I think I would be a Peeping Tom if it wasn't so frowned upon! :D I have happy, sill things all around my house and I love them all. I often wonder if my husband wishes that I didn't like "stuff" so much. I wonder what our house would look like if we were both like him. Sports pennants on the walls and Razorback everything. Gag. Thank goodness I like STUFF!

PS - The Bean has a big light bulb lamp in his room too. It was mine when I was a teenager!


Great displays! Can't say what I like best! And sorry to be a practical wet blanket, but I thought I should mention, the old Wheaties box could damage your watercolor. That mat will too if it's old.

Chris McKinley

Thanks for sharing your treasures! It is fun remembering where we bought things and the stories behind them. Yours are lovely!


Forgot to add-- are those honeycomb mushrooms by the swans? How different! Cool!


I dream of the day when I find some of those honeycomb mushrooms. I recall the mushrooms and swans being a few of my favorite things when Erica, Maddie, and I came to visit. I'm happy you've been getting to be a home body, it's nice, isn't it? I have moved most of my favorite treasures into our home office and find myself admiring them each day while I'm working.
Happy Friday!


Alex asked me recently why there are so many "things" around the house. I told him because I love them and they make me happy. He told me that was all that mattered. Amazing that a 17 year old boy can get it. I told him that someday when I am gone, he will appreciate these things more because they will remind him of me. Love Kate's bed. Reminds me very much of my own with the mismatched vintage pillowcases.

Hanna & I made our plans for Spring Plucky the other day. Maybe we can get together for lunch if you aren't busy?

Have a wonderful weekend, Laurie!



I feel the same about my home. I can stay home for days at a time and be perfectly happy. Your home reminds me of my grandmas. so many things that she would have had. :) It's funny how the littlest things can make us happy. I ordered a childs vintage muffin pan to hang on my kitchen tree, and I was like a kid when it arrived! ha ha



Your home is wonderful and understand exactly what you mean about each thing having a story. It is the reason I have so little space for anything new. Any time I look to remove something, I remember the story that goes with it.
Love that swan collection!!


And that's how it should be! You are enjoying the treasures you discover, instead of leaving them to collect dust somewhere. It is so great that they are getting the appreciation they deserve! You have an awesome home Laurie.

Pixie Vintage

I love the doll, and the swans are gorgeous. I adore the little apron with the flowers! Thank you for taking us on a tour of your home :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Could you imagine living any other way?! I love that you sprinkle the Ethel charm all throughout your home. I love all of my little treasures too, and I am always happiest at home!


Love this post, you always find such wonderful stuff and I love having a peek inside your home to see where some of it lives. Kate's room is adorable, I would totally love to have that room! Tyler, my middle son is spending the summer in Florida again this year and has told me I can turn his room into anything I want but I just can't bear to do it yet. Makes it too permanent that my kids are all leaving the nest :(

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