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January 07, 2014



Very neat! I love your grandmother's and the squeaky toy. An aunt of mine collected elephant figurines in the 60s and 70s-- she bought them new at the time. She gave much of the collection to a cousin of mine in the 90s. Always miss seeing them at the aunt's house!


What a darling collection! I do love the whimsical looking ones like the squeak toys and greeting cards. I have a few elephant squeak toys myself. Three of them so that must a collection right? LOL.
I think that's sweet that Tom wants a few on his own collection :-)
Have a wonderful day!


This is one of my favorite collections yet! I only have one elephant, the same Rempel one as you. I guess I will have to be on the lookout this year! The watering can elephant is too cool, I love it!

Happy Tuesday!


Awesome Laurie! So do you point them East for good luck? I have a few and always do that... another view is to always have them facing into a room for luck.

Love them all!


Love love love the elephants!!!


Never would have thought to ask about elephants and yet you have quite a few!! I love the one you can use as a watering can. I just learned the other day that if their trunk is up it is a sign of good luck. Another fun collection.

Musings from Kim K.

That Elephant topped whisk broom is fabulous! I love that your husband is interested in your special elephant collection too. He's a man of mystery on your blog. Smile.


You tell Tom he is in very good company! One of the children I nanny for....collects elephants!!! She came up with this collection all on her own. She knows I junk/treasure collect and asked if I could pick them up for her. (I reward good behavior with "points" that the children can "cash in" for prizes. She chooses thrifted elephants :-)I should take a picture & send Tom!


Unfortunately for Brian, he can't borrow any of my vintage thingies to decorate his dresser. Why? Because I have already layed claim to that surface and decorated it with cute pink things!

Guess what you forgot? My favorite pink elephant ice bucket!



I think it's so sweet that Tom wanted his own little collection! I have a few elephants stomping around on my desk but none as cool as the ones he picked. Did he only take two... hmmm...! You might need to have a talk with him about how that collecting thing works.


Not one vintage DUMBO!?! Fun collection but are you a Republican? If not we will have to see your collection of donkeys!


Cute collection! My brother collects elephants too (when he was little he wanted to grow up and be Dumbo ha!) must be a guy thing!

Pixie Vintage

I love all those little guys, they make me happy just looking at them! I really like the elephant in the 2nd picture, and the elephant watering can is absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure it is :)


Great collection! My mom collected elephants for years and years. Though she doesn't actively collect them much anymore, I can't look at them without thinking of her.


Who knew there were so many variations on the elephant? I hope you have the vintage glow in the dark elephant ornament ... I don't, but then again, I don't collect them. (But I think I sold one a few years ago. If only I'd known!)


Very cute collection! I have at thing for vintage elephants, because they often made them so cute, like on those greeting cards!


I just blogged about my new elephant pitcher yesterday, I knew you'd have more elephants for me to look at. I'm pretty sure I had the one in the third picture, it looks really familiar!!

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