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January 21, 2014



One of my favorite collections is my collection of typewriter ribbon tins. They have great graphics and look really great displayed all together. Do you have any of these tins?


What a cute little collection. I probably would have skipped right over those ring boxes. It amazes me what people put in the free boxes too. The 2nd box with the blue velvet is sort of deceiving since it doesn't look like much on the outside. I really like the shape of the last one too.
I have you to thank for making me stop and look at everything differently and in free boxes especially!!


Vintage ring boxes are some of my favorite things! I've found some beauties myself at estate sales (for pennies) and at the flea. The shabbier the better, and hopefully with velvet on them!!!!!!

Janet Johnson

So sweet. Love the second one.
Amazing what people put in the free box.

Another beautiful day in the city of roses!


What a sweet tiny collection! There are ads on ebay for Kiddiegems. Sterling silver rings were 29ยข. Ah, the good ole days!

I bought my third giant clothespin this weekend. Three is that magic number!

Linda @ A La Carte

I have one vintage ring box in pink and I love it! Nice collection!


Nice start to a new collection! The middle one is my favorite. I have one similar but the lid doesn't close properly any more. I think it was made by Dennison, if memory serves me, and I was surprised to learn they made them.


I have my parents ring boxes. My dad put a lock of my moms hair in hers when she was battling cancer. At first I thought it was .....kind of odd but, now I'm so thankful to have them. Martha


how about vintage back scratch wooden hands

Gretchen Snyder

Do you have a collection of Irmi items?


Do you have a collection of vintage lipstick and compacts? Or, vintage perfumes bottles?


Nice start to another collection... I'll bet you find even more this year. You always can pick gems out of other's discards. Well done!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oooo this is exciting......the beginning of a new collection! I've always thought that those old boxes were little gems themselves, especially if they're heart-shaped. It's going to be fun watching you add to this collection!


My mom has a small collection of these! They are often too expensive to buy when we are antiquing but every now and then we stumble on a bargain!

Shelley Germann

How adorable! I have one, but I will have to go look at it. It contains my great uncle's baby ring. I don't think it's particularly fancy, though. These are incredible...another thing to watch for!

Shelley Germann

Oh, I forgot to mention the doily! LOVE IT! Is it chartreuse, yellow or green? It's hard to determine...but it's wonderful! New? Can't remember seeing it before.

Pixie Vintage

Yeah, a new collection! :) I wish rings still came in sweet boxes like these, they are so pretty.


Good finds. My daughter, Maggie (SalvageSiren), was just proposed to from her Will and he bought a vintage (1920s) ring. He had a heck of a time finding a nice ring box that was vintage. Can't believe how high they go for on eBay/Etsy.

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