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January 26, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

Oh my goodness. This estate sale was totally made for YOU!!!! So many wonderful treasures for your crafting adventures. Spun head angels. How fantastic. I'm totally loving that glitter foil too. I'm still living through you on estate sales. Friday night's snow storm forced the two estate sales we were going to attempt to reschedule. We got over a foot of snow Friday into Saturday. Crazy.


Well I'm wide awake now!! I didn't even have my coffee yet! I bet you had a big smile on your face all the way home. Can't believe that was from the 2nd day of the sale too!
Bet your head is just swirling with projects now. I need to make a pot of coffee and go through your post from yesterday again :-)
Have a Wonderful Day too!


This was definitely worth an hours drive!! This sale looks like it was just for you with all the great vintage crafts. We had those plastic snowflakes when I was little. Those glitter foil garlands are right up your alley. My favorite is that cute little beaded baby toy. What a fun day for you!!!


All those things were just made for YOU. Perfect. So many little vintage faces peeking out in every single picture. Can't say that I would have bought the Denture cup, but once I see your project I will probably have to put 'Dixie Denture Cup' on my Wishlist. I love that big bag of beads - I remember stringing those in Kindergarten. A wonderful day to You too!


Well worth the hour drive I'd say! I love the graphic on those pipe cleaners, made me laugh.


You're killing me! What fun you must have had "diggin"! I just can't believe that this was all there for you on day two!
I love those aqua and clear plastic snowflakes, and what you did with them this past x-mas. So glad that you found more!
Drooling over here-
Erica :)


To have a wonderful day is great, but to have a CHIFFON wonderful day is perfection!


No wonder they just made you a price for the pile...They didn't want to price all those little treasures separately. You most certainly had a "wonderful day." What a score!!!


Me again - I meant to ask you - do you still have the booth you had at Christmas?

Shelley Germann

Two things jumped out at me. First, you have me more than a little curious about that denture cup! What could you possibly be cooking up? Second, when I find things things in the package I struggle terribly taking them out. Will you take the aluminum garlands and glass beads out of their packages?


A Dixie Cup for dentures??? Never, ever heard of that before! Ha!

Oh what great finds; it must be such a thrill to go through and dig, not knowing what the heck will turn up!

BTW, no rush on the deer!


Your finds just never cease to amaze! Love the coloring books!


Shocked that was still there on day 2! Love those angel kits.


That was definitely a Magpie Ethel type of sale! Loved looking at the photos and am totally inspired to find my own digger type of sale soon. I hate going to sales the second day and finding such amazing things. It literally keeps me up at night wondering what I missed out on. I have a problem...I know.

Have a wonderful day to you too!


Melissa's Antiques

Awesome finds!

vintage grey

Wow, what a great haul of goodies! Love the books and really everything! xo Heather

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