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January 12, 2014



Oh, I had to laugh about the big table with only a corner to work on. That is so how it is for me! Darling little Valentines! Love the tiny bow and arrows.


thats what happens here too.. all the supplies that might be used for valentines crafting are all over the place so I can see them.
love your sweet little creations! adorable!
happy crafting!

Musings from Kim K.

I spy lots and lots of wonderful things in this post! Bring on the pink and red!! You are definitely the queen of jello tin molds. I bow to your ability to find them in estate sale land. I've been hanging onto my two for a very long time.


Everything you make is too cute for words!!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

All so sweet! I'm a messy crafter too!


I think that is the only way to craft! Love the Valentine's cuties!


Hmm... do I have a Valentine item from you? I don't think so! I have Easter, Halloween and Christmas... me thinks I shall need to log in Wednesday and check out your new goodies!

Also have to laugh at your "corner of the desk workspace" comment. So true.

Me? I sometimes end up working on my lap because two CATS are sleeping on my desks! Geesh.... whata pushover....

Melissa's Antiques

Always adorable!


I think all crafters can relate! Very cute results though-- well worth the mess!


Sigh.....Just got most of my stuff put away and now I'm in the mood to put my "New Year's" collection to bed and haul out the pink and red ! Thanks for giving us a peek into your crafting fun :-)


Love that you're starting early ;) Beautiful collection! You have me inspired to actually make some season art pieces. Gotta work on those post haste!


I don't know how you could make all your treasures without a huge mess to "pluck" through. Fun results, as always.

Into Vintage

I've never been a tidy crafter and knowing you work the same way makes me very happy. :)
BTW - that 'Hi Gal' guy is a hoot!

Shelley Germann

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your "process." I've often wondered....now I know, it's organized chaos! My process? Collect it all and "squirrel" it away never to be see again!

Pixie Vintage

They are all so sweet!!! I don't think I could pick a favorite, I love them all.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Oooh valentine goodies! Cute things Laurie.


I vote you leave the mess right where it is. There is nothing like a poke sack OR a poke pile to inspire!


You make the prettiest messes. :)

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