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February 06, 2014



Don't get me started on winter... Great Valentine collection. Love the card ad/cats picture. Too cute!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Woohoo for the Snow! Lost all hope that we'd get any this year!

If I sell anything in Etsy, it's not shipping out till Monday.

Just stay inside with all your vintage Valentine goodness and keep warm....:)


Love the red,pink and white this time of the year! Really cheerful looking if it's dreary out. I'm just totally smitten with all of your vintage holiday decorating! I have that exact honeycomb heart hanging on your mirror except the arrow is cream colored instead of red. Those Valentine card boxes are just amazing with those graphics. I'm lucky enough to have just one of those! I like your coffee table display of cards. I have tons and tons of cards too but I wasn't sure how to display them.....Thanks for another idea and for sharing your wonderful collection of Valentine goodies :-)


I think I should like to come to your house for a valentine teaparty! lol! love it all!


Love all the displays, but that pig bank that lights up and tips its hat when you put money in it? Wow, how cool!

And good luck with dealing with the snow - that predicted amount can cause havoc in an area like yours that rarely sees snow.

As for us, we've had around 110" thus far. It's been quite the winter!


WOW is all I can say , it's beautiful!


Your decorations are fantastic! I love them all, but I think my favorites are the elephant Valentine and your little creations. You're Etsy shop is killing me! Darn this whole saving money crap...


I am loving all of those candy boxes and am super happy that I got to Stars and picked up the first two of my collection before you got to them :-) And is it just me or does that favorite spun head girl resemble a certain Magpie Ethel? So cute!

I am loving the snow. We just don't get it enough!

Have a great weekend!


Sheryl Remy

I too think that little spun head girl is a copy of you. Wonderful displays. I definitely have to devote more time to seeking out Valentines and hearts.


You are the Queen of Hearts! Very clever window display. Love all of your displays, especially the little kittens on the box. Stay warm...more to come today!!


Oh my Love your collection of valentine boxes!! Too cute!! Where in the world do you find these? I looked on e-bay, and one I saw for Little Lulu and Tubby was 90.00!!! Holy cow!!


Beautiful and fun, it would be wonderful to live in your neighborhood and watch the changing of your window.
I thought of a collection I wondered if you had: Shelf paper?
I have been looking all over for some vintage red and white shelf paper or edging for my hutch. Do you run across any at sales?


I am finally making the rounds to catch up with my blog reading. That Kewpie in the pink skirt is just the cutest thing!!


So pretty Laurie! Wow that stand is just perfect for every holiday display. Love all the vintage goodies, but I think my favorite is the kittens Valentine! Adorable!

And sour gummies? Yes please! (I am snacking on cinnamon hearts... hubby doesn't like them, so SOMEONE has to eat them!) ;)

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