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February 04, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

I love what you do with your special pipe cleaners!


As I was looking at the pictures I was thinking of my Grandpa, he too was a pipe smoker. I often wish I had one of his pipes. I really dislike smoking but there is something about the smell of a pipe!
Thanks for the memories, oh and old is ALWAYS better in packaging-you would think companies would learn and bring back old school designs!!!


What a fun collection! I'm glad you inherited your grandpa's pipes. Ha ha ha....you're funny! I thought I saw a pic of you in character with a pipe somewhere? They should have tips on there for your spunheads and crafts now!
Thanks for sharing! I never got to meet any of my grandpas but I do have pics of one of them with a pipe in his hand or his mouth. The pipes did made me think of him :-)


I like the way you snuck another collection into this collection post! A twofer! I bought some pipe cleaners not long ago that had sharp little barbs in them. Those suckers must have really cleaned out the pipe. But they hurt too much for crafting. My Mom inherited her Father's pipe collection. They have been boxed up for ears, but i just got to see them for the first time not long ago. There was such a variety of pipes!


This is a fun collection. Love that you have some from Fred Meyer. I'm stunned that they don't say anything about spun head design!!!


Oh my... who would have thought pipe cleaners had to be sterilized? What a great variety of packaging... those slogans and hints are hilarious!


Well leave it to you to make a cute post about something as seemingly boring as white pipe cleaners! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for cute old packages when I'm out and about for you. Love the ones with the red flecks the best.

So happy that you have your Grandpa's pipes! My family is still being hoarders and won't let me have anything of my grandparents. Don't even get me started...



Who would have ever think there were so many different brands of pipe cleaners! The Dills were the brand my Dad used!!!


My grandpa smoked a pipe too, pipes always remind me of him. He had a wooden pipe caddy and I used to play with it for hours. Another thing that will die out with our grandparents I guess, I don't see my husband taking up pipe smoking anytime soon.

vintage grey

Wow, great collection! Love all the different pipes! xo Heather


You crack me up!
These remind me of my brother, he is 11 years older than me and smoked a pipe for years.
Happy Wednesday friend! karen...

Sheryl Remy

Oh the memories these bring back. Thank you for sharing.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Well anything I say to you now about pipe cleaners is redundant, since you and I have already agreed about the virtues of vintage pipe cleaners...:)

Yep. Some women need diamonds, but I need vintage supplies....


You have THE most unique collections! They always make me smile!


This collection brought back a good memory. My brother and I riding bikes down to the pharmacy to buy my dad pipe cleaners. They cost 10 cents. He gave we a quarter and got to spend the rest on penny candy. Spearmint leaves for me, Mary Janes and Red Hots for him.

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