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February 11, 2014



Those are so sweet. I don't have any Valentines Day seals but I do have an old card box full of Christmas ones that I found at a garage sale. They are like the ones you have with the little boys and girls, only Christmas themed. I don't want to use them though!

Hope you survived the freezing rain. Blech. I'm done with the snow and slush.


Musings from Kim K.

I never see Valentine seals at estate sales and your collection is just outstanding. The little boys and girls are just precious. How's the weather?


The bears with the accordions are my favorite, though they are all super cool. I've never come across any seals around here. Heck, I rarely even find any Valentine's Day stuff and most of it is too rich for my blood anyway.


Those are so cute! I've never seen any but the plain red hearts. Great finds!


Great collection! I think I have a few Valentine stickers but none like yours.The little boy and girl ones are darling! Actually they're all cute :-)
Have a wonderful day.
I'll have to check out your other posts.

Sheryl Remy

This has to be one of my favorites. I remember using the red heart stickers to my Valentines way back when but the rest are all just gravy. In other words something pretty special.


What a wonderful assortment of Valentine stickers! It certainly makes me want to go make some cards! Have you done a cookie cutter collection yet? Happy Valentine's Day to you!

janet johnson

The older ones with the 2 valentines in the car remind me of my Mom's old photos of friends and relatives standing in front of their car to have their picture taken. When's the last time you did that?

The paper arrows are nice with the metal cookie cutter.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Those are the cutest! Remember when we used to include some conversation hearts with our valentines when we exchanged them with our classmates? Such sweet memories.


I have an extensive collection of vintage Valentines, but no stickers! It was fun to see those - I remember using stickers that came with the little packages of cards we used for exchanges at school back in the '60s. Wish I still had some!


What a sweet collection. I would have a hard time bringing myself to actually USE them!


Such precious little stickers. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Eddie Mitchell

Those are amazingly adorable!


Charming! My favorites, though, are the simple red foil ... something you can't find today. I have an idea for a collection challenge: any Shirley Temple?

Nan York

I have never ever seen stickers like these they are beyond cute and you are so lucky to have scored them!


Those little chubby faced boys and girls are wonderful. Things used to be so cute. I have never found any seals of any type. But, a sweet blog reader sent me a big envelope full of vintage Christmas seals. I love those silly things. I get them out from time to time and just rifle through them. I want to solder some into pendants, but I hate to actually "use" them!


Love these - again, something never found over her on the East Coast. I mentioned to you previously that I was going to send you some nut cups, etc. if they didn't sell on ebay...just send me your address...I have lost your email address :( so I can't private message you. Love the valentines!!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Such a sweet collection, Laurie! I remember putting those plain red heart seals on everything. They also bring back memories of the excitement of choosing just the right card for each classmate, and hoping I got a really special one from the boy I liked at the time :o)


I "heart" your collection!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

vintage grey

A sweet Valentine collection! Wishing you a very lovely Valentine's Day! xo Heather


Wow, do these bring back memories. Another wonderful collection! I so love to bring out the vintage goodies at all the holidays now! (thanks mostly to you!)


Show me your collection of vintage shoehorns :)
My dad had a wonderful collection of shoehorns in all sizes & colors, some with great graphics & lettering. Unfortunately he gave them away thinking I wouldn't be interested in them. Wish I had them now - they bring back some funny memories.

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