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February 18, 2014



So cute! Why doesn't some company come out with these retro designs?? When I was a kid we had orange/gold/yellow mushroom foldover paper. Long gone now.

Sheryl Remy

Yes, the last one is definitely my favorite too. I remember when we used these. I wonder why they fell out of favor so to speak.


Love those vintage shelf liners. I have a small stash of those too. They're mainly the Royledge ones in the flat packages. There's one that's plain white and the edge looks like lace. I laughed when you said you thought you had just a few items. Can't imagine that with you! So much fun to look at these. .25 for 15ft and .35 for 21ft. I'm surprised that you haven't opened the Parakeet and Cherry one yet.
Hmmmm.......I think I'm going to go look at what I have now and maybe use some :-)


My favorite is the one you have in the cabinet in your studio. Love those sweet flowers and the scalloped edge. You have quite the collection...lots more than just a couple of rolls!

janet johnson

Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to order 20 rolls of your parakeet shelf liner paper. Enclosed please find $7.00...
Don't I wish!?! Can you imagine a cupboard lined with that cheery paper?

I often use vinyl wallpaper. Easy to wipe down and you can get several matching rolls for a couple of dollars.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I would have opened that parakeet liner immediately and found a use for it- I can't believe you haven't used it yet. That is too cute for words!


I just love all your collections! Did I miss one for vintage cake/cupcake decorations? Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins


I miss the old shelf liner. The one you found with the birds is so sweet. I also like the geranium paper. I may have to try to find some kind for my cabinet.....

shirley hatfield

I just purchased a package of shelf edging from a blogger friend...it's red gingham print wth cherries, pears and grapes and two rows of tiny rick rack. It is Royledge brand and was 19 cents new. Isn't it fun? =D


What great memories this brings back! My mom and dad lined all their shelves; I even did likewise in our first home, but not in this one. Maybe because we built new... shelf liners are great if you're unsure what exactly those spaces held previously.

Love the last one too!


I would never think to look for shelf liner, but now that I have seen that yellow one - I LOVE IT. I don't even like yellow per say, but those jaunty bows and pleats make me happy.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

I look for shelf liners, but never see any exciting ones. Just nasty white & faux wood. Of course the yellow/black/white is drop dead gorge.


The kind with the fold-over edge is my favorite and you know I love the floral patterns. Nice collection!


That last one with the cherries is FAB O! I would have a hard time opening that too, but oh my it would look cute!


You just reminded me that I have a couple rolls stashed somewhere! Now, where I stashed them is the question. I would love to find some of the kind that folds over to the edges in pink or aqua for my Pyrex cabinet.



omg... even shelf liner.. you just have the best stuff. I wish they still sold the stuff with the fold over edge. what fun! love the pink ruffled one on you craft room shelf. soo cute!
have a great day

Eddie Mitchell

I never knew about the liners with the fold over edges. I learn so much from reading your blog!


I never know what to do with that original packaging sometimes. Kind of hate to open it, but it's no good to anybody 'til you do! The parakeets would be fabulous with your bird collection, I'm sure.


Cute! My favorite is probably the yellow and black bow one.
Another thing added to the want list.


Ohh! I love the bird's and cherries! That would make an amazing wallpaper pattern too!

vintage grey

All so pretty! I wish they would make things like these still! xo Heather

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