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February 08, 2014



What a cute idea. Your house looks beautiful with all the snow.


I love the swan!!! What a fun idea.
The snow is so pretty. I bet you are enjoying it since you don't get it often. There is nothing like being home when it is blowing and snowing outside. Love it!!! Your house looks like a picture postcard. So cozy!
Stay warm and keep posting. Your home decorating entries are my favorites!


Wow! That is a lot of snow for you guys up there. We have snow surrounding us and up in the hills especially traveling into CA. Guess we do sit in a bowl here in the valley so the snow missed us. We've had blustery wind and rain all day here though and it's COLD out there. Your house looks beautiful and tranquil with all the snow there. It always seems so quiet when it snows.
Great idea with that cute swan rocker!!
Amazes me what you come up with,
Have fun in the snow!!

Eddie Mitchell

I love seeing older things given new uses! Just think, when that swan was made, no one had an inkling what an "iPad" was! It makes me laugh a little to think about that. :-)

Maria (Magia Mia)

Clever Girl....

I give Amy full credit for bringing us the snow from the Hood, and I've already thanked her....:)


What a great way to salvage this "I can't go out and look for any junk" day! I briefly considered painting the closet door in my bedroom but I got over it since I didn't dare open the window for the paint smell - lol!

Musings from Kim K.

You are the first blog I've peeked at since surgery! I'm smiling at all your beautiful snow. My mother has that same swan in her master bedroom. It was her childhood swan and it now holds all kinds of handmade bears and other precious stuffed animals.


Ha! Now THAT is smart! Hope your weather calms down soon and that you are all safe on the roads. Your home is so pretty in the snow and yes, that awesome pop of red!


Snow and PDX do not co-exist well. I remember once that I went to work at Rose's Restaurant as the snow was just beginning to fall. I got to work and there was a sign on the door: "Closed Due to Inclement Weather". I looked around and being from Minnesota, I thought, inclement weather? Where?

Hang in there! It will melt and life will resume as normal!


Cords are so annoying, but they're a part of life now I guess. I battle them too. My husband is a computer dork, cords and gadgets everywhere!
The swan was a great way to hide them! That chair is fabulous by the way.

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