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February 22, 2014



Ahhh! You're killin me! There in a wonderful jumbo Rooster squeak toy at my favorite antique store, that I can't get out of my mind. I've been thinking about him since before x-mas! I think I need to see if he's still there.
Love all your finds! The ducky glasses are fab!
Erica :)


Oh you lucky ducky!! I didn't see a single sale in that "driving bubble" of mine plus had to go in to the office today. Love love that needle book and square dance fabric.


All your pictures just make me smile - everything is SO happy! I love that mannequin head. You will have so much fun with it. I just love my Hazel and have learned to dress her in vintage clothes. She always wears a vintage flower brooch too. I have some vintage sunglasses for her, but her plastic hair has a "swoop" on the side and they won't fit.

I went to an Estate Sale today. I bought a thousand peach pits. I swear! Story on that later.


Okay.....I'm definitely vicariously living through you now! I let out a squeal when I saw the mannequin head and ducky sunglasses. Those were meant to be with you for sure! I can't help but smile with last pic of him all decked out with the hat and all LOL! That is so you!! Love the squeak toys and the napkins with the seahorses are just too cute.
Thanks for the smiles :-)


oh the stuff you come up with. all wonderful.. but my fav by far, the tiny baby dolls that are sitting in the easter cup.
have a great sunday!


Amazing as always! Those robin birthday pins are very cute. Think they were party favors or maybe handed out at a Sunday School? There are a couple doors at my dad's house that have those plastic keys broken off in the locks. What did they expect?

Musings from Kim K.

Another fabulous haul! I can't wait to send this blog post off to my mother and sister. We all enjoy drooling over your amazing finds. That future beach house of yours is going to have some fun towels!

PS. Chris took me to an estate sale at an old farmhouse this weekend. The first sale in MONTHS! I need to photograph my stash. Lots of fun things.

Chris McKinley

The sunglasses are too cute! But I think my fav are the cocktail napkins....let me tide you over...with sea horses! love it!


I went to a church sale on Friday and am pretty sure I picked up that little squeaky boy's girlfriend! I will post about it next week. I can't wait to see what you do with those roller skates. Any ideas yet? And that square dance fabric? The best!

Have a great Sunday!!



Another great weekend in Magpie land. The garden truck is my favorite thing from this weekend. Also think the rooster squeaky toy is a cutie! The boy with the glasses is soooo adorable. Think of all the ways you can "dress" him up!! I am guessing the sale in Milwaukie was the one where you waited?


I agree with Annette...I love the truck and hope you'll be able to find a matching wheel.
The estate sale people must love to see you walk through the door...You buy the most unusual and interesting things!!!

Su Gardner

So WOW! You have the greatest sales in your area and no matter where you are in the
line you come out with great stuff. I have a
squeaky rooster just like yours, the garden truck is my favorite. Have a great week.

Eddie Mitchell

What fun finds! I hope you find lots of seasonal hats for your little mannequin head to wear. He needs a name too!

rosie lange

WHERE THE HECK DO YOU LIVE??? I'm moving there! That is an UNHEARD-of haul!!!!
love, rosie <3


Such awesome finds! I really love those cocktail napkins, that may be something that I need to start collecting. I stood in a ridiculous line on Saturday morning for a sale, but was rewarded with a few things, nothing too amazing, but I can't be picky here in Astoria.

Those glasses make me smile, they were made for you!


Admirable restraint on the rubber toys. That truck is fabulous - and good to know that your skills include vehicle repair!


I've bought some of those Scott's placemats solely based on the cute packaging! I am smitten with the little rubber rooster!


Once again, you hit the jackpot! The rooster is great, but there are so many cuties here!

Sheryl Remy

What's not to love about your finds. The truck is awesome. I think those straws are going to be a hit in next years Valentines Day display. Plus, you got a head start on Easter with the chick, lamb and rabbit. I also love the sand pail. I'm looking forward to a church sale on Saturday. I hope I find something vintage.


those red child's roller skates would be so cute on a springtime wreath with daisys or tulips!!!

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