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March 04, 2014



This was a fun collection!! Brings back memories.
With Easter coming up. What about children's hats, Easter bonnets, etc.. I tried to tell if you can done one of these before. If not would love to know if you have any.


Awwww.....brings back memories of having those,yarn ribbons and headbands in my hair when I was little. I have pics of me with them in my hair. Love the flower,birds and hearts ones. I can see some of those in your hair :-)
Have a great day!

**Love your props by the way


Love this collection. Barrettes are something I too like to pick up. They are small enough that I have room for them, and they can be used for so many things.


Oh wow - total walk down memory lane for me! I had waist-length, thick and wavy hair, and these barrettes seemed to hold about two strands of hair - ha ha! I recognized most of the ones you have in your collection - they were definitely a wardrobe staple back "in the day."

Musings from Kim K.

What a sweet collection. I especially love the flowers and the scottie dog. Josie needs a good trim on her bangs right now. Her barrette (to help disguise her overgrown bangs) isn't nearly as darling as your collection.


Wow, does THIS bring back memories! My mom had me wear these all the time back in the 60's... those bangs of mine were always in my eyes (as a matter of fact, they STILL are!) Especially love those bird ones; so cute!


Adorable and I love the way you photographed them!

vintage grey

Oh, they are so sweet, but I am also loving all your crochet thread!! That light blue and pretty pink variegated thread are so lovely! xo Heather


I'm imagining these in a pretty jar sitting on the bathroom counter. Cute idea, huh? I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for these for you. Definitely something I've never found but then again, I've never really looked :-)



Oh my gosh! These are sooo cute! I think the Scottie dog is my favorite but I love them all!
I occasionally get one of these in the bottom of boxes and bags that I purchase at garage sales and I always give them away. I did buy a little one with a duck on it and it is in my craft stuff. Hmmm...where is that little duck? Thanks for sharing Laurie! karen...

Judy Ainsworth

I LOVE these barrettes! I have been looking as long as I remember for a barrette my Mom gave me as a little girl. It is a white bar type with pastel pink green and blue,almost a light aqua tiny flowers very similar to the ones here in your pictures.(Tulips I think)If you ever come across one! -Judy A-
Great post!


Another wonderful collection! They are so sweet and colorful. Looks like you have quite the collection of crochet thread, too.
Do you have a collection of whisk brooms?

Shelley Germann

Like so many other readers, I was known to wear a few of these! Thanks for sharing...it sure brings back memories!


That little bluebird is adorable. No vintage barrettes at my house, but I do have an arsenal of hair doodles that I use on Hazel. I wore those through most of my Elementary School days - I don't think I ever did wear a barrette. Maybe that's why I don't collect them. (But, I would buy that bluebird if I found it!) Another great collection!

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