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March 11, 2014



Just sweet and precious. Springtime is coming!! That salt/pepper lamb is just adorable and I think it wants to live in Indiana.

Musings from Kim K.

Absolutely precious. You really do have the best luck finding rattles and darling wrapping paper. I have to work late tonight at the University. I hope I remember to check into Etsy when I finally get home.


Cute post this morning! Cold here now but we're in for Spring like weather in the afternoons and 70's for the weekend!!!
I'd say everyone is feeling the urge for Spring to be here so your Sheep/Lambs post is perfect :-)
The wrapping paper almost looks like fabric! Love those hard plastic ones and squeaky toys.....Actually they're all darling!

chris mckinley

Another cute Magpie collection!

Sheryl Remy

So many lambs and each cuter than the last one. The Christmas paper was really interesting. I don't often associate little lambs with Christmas. But then in the Bible stories the shepherds and their flock visits Baby Jesus. So I guess I better get with it. Your Easter decorations have been fabulous. I found one little baggie with vintage sugar bells at the church sales. My first find of those. I do remember seeing them as a child.


Not baaaaaaad indeed! :D

I was looking for sheep / lambs this weekend at an antique show. Not one there. I have gathered mine together to display with my knitting supplies.

Wonderful collection Laurie! They are so, so cute!


oh my gosh! I think this is my favorite collection yet! so adorable!


These are all such very cute little lambs. I don't think I have nary a lamb in my house. I do have a bunch of chalkware sheep from some old Nativity sets. But, they are in the garage in the SELL pile. OH wait, I just looked beside me in a pile of junk and I do have a rubber faced Rushton lamb. That's one for me - many for YOU! #197 and going.....


What an adorable collection! I don't think I have a single lamb around here. What's up with that??


Love the Easter egg wrapping paper and the timing couldn't have been more perfect! Just added some Magpie creations to my collections. Can't wait to get them! Oh, and ever since we came to your house last year and saw your Easter decorations, I have been obsessed with finding chenille chicks. So yes, I bought that huge lot from you. Just made sense!



I usually think of baby chicks and rabbits when I think of Easter. Love your lambs....wonder if I have any around here. Hmmm....


I'm always such a sucker for a cute lamb planter. Those eyes get me every time!
Great collection!

Kim Campbell

Just purchased two Easter Lambs!!!

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