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March 18, 2014



What a wonderful way to start the mornings with a cup of coffee and your blog!!
My eyes just opened up and I'm looking at things in a different light thanks to you again!!
I have some Pyrex refrigerator containers but they're not clear. I like those clear ones since you can see what's in them. Love your ideas of using one under the soap!!
Your last pic I love too with all the vintage jewelry and What Nots all together:-)
Have a wonderful day!


Love these glass containers. It's always so fun to see the interesting ways you utilize your collections, My parents had those blue hobnail pieces in the 50s, and I always thought they were ashtrays, because that's how they used them.


Clear is the way to go when you have such incredible looking trinkets for them to hold.

What a great way to organize!

janet johnson

I think the jadite dish is a fridge container, too. I have one like it that has a cute little lid with indents to grip and lift lid. I do love them all.

Great collection.

Linda @ A La Carte

I have some clear glass refrig dishes and I too love them to hold things. I have a couple I use on my desk and some others will find their way to my craft room. I do love trays and small dishes to hold my vanity items also. Just makes it look tidy. Great collection!


oh WOW do I love that last picture!! l.o.v.e i.t
a.l.l!!!!! (even see a couple of pieces that I have too ;-)
Grouping things is the answer!! only way to stay organized IMO
Another great tip for us all!!
I do use the clear refridgerated dishes in the refridgerator!! (shall we ever talk about pyrex??) they have produced some really cute refridgerators!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I love old fridgies too and use them in the same way you do plus in the kitchen. Loving that picture with all the old costume jewelry.

xo Danielle


I have a few of these that I've picked up over the years too. I have a lot of Pyrex refrigerator dishes that I actually use in the refrigerator but these just hang out on my Ikea cart in the kitchen. Thanks for helping me find good uses for them!



Great collection! I have a few of these around but have never seen the ones without some kind of ribs or pressed in design. Maybe I didn't recognize what they were. I can imagine Danielle is smitten with that tray of flower pins!

Musings from Kim K.

Love your creative uses. I especially like the last vanity shot of your pretty pins on display in your fun containers. Magazine worthy!!


Your containers are quite well used! The turquoise hobnails are ashtrays. My parents had them. I think originally for putting at each place at the dining table.


This will just shock you but I too have quite a stash of refrigerator glass. What!?!?!?
I love the thick glass. I use them for storage in drawers and also in the fridge. It makes me happy to open the refrigerator up and see these old glass pieces. I am not surprised in the least that you too collect these. I tell you we would be besties if we lived close!!!


I love this post!
I have a few glass refrig. containers and some pyrex ones...they are great! I love the green and turquoise, I don't have any that cute!
I sold a glass fridge container in my booth and I am still regretting it! It had a cow on it!
Happy Wednesday! karen...


Man, your studio is the thing dreams are made of... The dishes are a great idea for organizers. Pretty and easy to see. Very nice.

Sheryl Remy

You certainly have a lot of those dishes. I have been increasing the amount of glass I use too. I worry about using plastics because the experts say that chemicals can leach into food from the plastic.


All that fun jewelry makes me happy. Love the flower brooches. I don't have a lot of glass stuff - I'm too clumsy with it. :) I do have a Vaseline glass divided dish like that in my booth - I thought it was a baby feeding dish, but I might be wrong. It wouldn't surprise me......


You're a girl after my own heart. I love, collect and sell refrigerator dishes. I never pass up a dish or lid...They always seem to match up eventually. Great Collection!!!


Love this collection! Actually, I love ALL your collections! Your tiny turquoise pieces are salt dips. They would have been placed at the table instead of salt shakers.

Eddie Mitchell

I love the idea of have a collection with a utilitarian purpose. It's nice to have cool nick nacks and things to look at, but it's even cooler when you can put them to use! Great idea!

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