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March 25, 2014



I have neverseen those types of baskets before. Really nice! Maggie

Sheryl Remy

These are new to me also. I like the changes you made with the third basket.

Su Gardner

I have never ever seen a basket with a stork attached; so cute.
I have ended up with several old and unique napkin holders, do you have any?


Every time I see something stork related, I think of my pal Magpie. I'll bet you are one of a very few who collect them.

Hope you are having fun in SF!



This is a really unique collection. I have never seen a single one EVER so totally new to me. Thank you for sharing!


I've never seen any of those baskets with storks attached to them! Love what you did with the last one. So much cuter with your special touch and it looks like it came that way!
Wow.....Number 200!!!
Can't wait to see it :-)


Along with everyone else I have never seen stork baskets. You know I have a love for storks (even more these days as my only child is going to have a baby in May-YIPPY SKIPPY!!!!)I have collected small stork planters for years-do ya have any of those??? as well as vintage welcome baby planters. Have fun and be safe on your travels in the nex couple weeks!! (excited to see what you come home with ;-D)


Wow! I have never seen these before; your re-do is so wonderful! Gives it the vintage authenticity it deserves.

janet johnson

Great collection. I'm glad you fixed up the last one. Hope you're having a great time.


I've never seen or heard of these before - lovely! Collection #200 - whodathunkit?

Hope you escaped from Alcatraz yesterday.......


Count me in with everyone else who has never seen these before. They are adorable, and, of course, look so much better after a Magpie Ethel treatment.

I enjoy making retro style aprons using vintage fabric, and I was wondering . . . would you please "show me your collection of vintage aprons."


Wow! This was a new one for me too. They look wonderful together. What a grand little collection!

Dorothy Crutchfield

Well now I know what a stork basket is! Adorable!!

chris mckinley

What a fun collection! I've never seen these before!

Musings from Kim K.

I always learn something new on your blog. Adorable collection!

Kim Campbell

Wow, I have never seen this type of basket! Pretty neat!


Thank you for introducing something new to all of us! What fun these are! I shall be on the look out from now on, and let you know if I find one!
Erica :)


As so many of the others have commented...I, too, have never seen a stork basket. Thanks for teaching us all about them...love the re-do on your third one! The cigar wrapper was the perfect touch!


such a sweet little collection. love how you fixed up the third one. Ive got to get out in the world and find some new treasures! lol! every time I come here I feel the need to go treasure hunting. lol.. but thats a good thing, a fun thing!
have a great day

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Hi Laurie! I have never seen one of these baskets, but I'm so glad that you have. They're really sweet, and I can only hope that your collection grows, because I want to see more!


i love them! i've never seen anything like them. That first one is especially cute!

vintage grey

a precious collection and love the history of the first one! xo Heather

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