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March 27, 2014



Wow you have a lot of nodders. Rabbits, chicks, a rooster and even a duck? Love your display!
The nodders and egg coloring kits look great together in that nook. Glad you had a great time with the kids in SF! It is one of the best cities to visit....of course I'm partial to SF since I was born there!


Hi Laurie! Haven't commented in awhile,(life keeps getting in the way) so I am going to comment on several of your posts.
First, just wow, your Easter displays are amazeballs! All those goodies grouped together is awesome. I have a few nodders, would love to buy more but they are pretty pricey around here.
I have never seen stork florist baskets but now that I have of course I need them. I would have another kid if someone would send me some of those (ok, not really but they are saaweeet!)
Love that tiny yellow dresser! Are you gonna use it for storage? Too cute.
You have been teasing us. The glass containers on your vanity (which, btw was pure eye candy), the stork baskets on your dresser, I reeeeeally need to see your whole room! Please do a post for us on what it looks like! I'm dying to know and I bet lots of other people would too!
Great posts. Its sometimes fun to sit down and get to read 5 new ones ;)

Musings from Kim K.

Love the new display area for your fantastic collection of nodders and Easter color kits. I love the large grouping. I'll be keeping this post open today and in between faculty appointments coming back to spy at your treasures. Such a fun post! Glad you are enjoying your kiddos while they've been on break.


Yes, grouping has such a huge impact; love the dye kits. I can't help but smile looking at all the nodders! So cute... your alcove is just the perfect display area.

Chris McKinley

Love this display! Just goes to show you can make a wreath with anything, I am always amazed with your collections.... things that I just don't see at sales in the Bay Area. So glad you had fun in San Francisco... 30 miles from my home. Still hoping that it will work to meet at Alameda.


I just found my first vintage dye kit, now I have dye packs to look for too? Jeez, the hunt never ends, does it? It's a good thing I like the hunt! Love it all as always. Got all my Easter out yesterday and instead of spreading it out all over the house, stuck to one main area and my dining room table. I love seeing it all together. I agree with your thought on quantity!

Hanna & I went to SF a couple of years ago and visited Alcatraz too. It can be a little creepy for sure. Glad you guys had a nice trip.


Judy Ainsworth

I lived in San Francisco for many years, from my early teens on.
Never once took the tour of Alcatraz.
A couple of years ago I went back to visit and took the tour.It was AMAZING!it sticks with me to this day.
-Judy A-

Judy Ainsworth

P.S. What is the graphic on the very top Paas-tell egg dye kit? It kinda looks like matches lit and unlit?
-Judy A-

vintage grey

Sounds like a fun trip! As always such cute Easter goodies! xo Heather


Fun display. There's something about Easter decorations that always seem happy!


Super display! Easter decorations always seem so happy! Hope this is not a duplicate comment-- first one magically disappeared!

janet johnson

Glad you had a great time. It's nice when adult kids still want to spend time with their parents.
Your Easter display is amazing. I love the grass. Crepe paper? As found? I find the loose grass all over the house -- not a lot -- just a stray every once in a while.


Sounds like you had a great time. That is pretty neat to take the tour and then watch the movie. Puts it in a whole different perspective.

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