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March 29, 2014



That's a cute table, that's for sure! It would look cute covered in oilcloth. There were SO many sales today but we had a flat o the ruck, so TBM had to take MY car. Boohoooo!


I have one coming up that will make you so happy!!!


That table will be great for your sales. :)
Well, I just walked in the door from my first estate sale of the season. It was a digger!!! I thought if you as I sat in the attic and dug through boxes of Christmas stuff. The bummer is that it was day #2 and it had already been gone through. I should have gone yesterday but just wasn't in "the mood". Kicking myself now because you know when you can tell that day #1 would have been amazing??? It was like that! I still scored a little pile though, so I'm happy! And better yet, I'm now IN THE MOOD! Let the sales begin! Erica :) (I'll post later tonight about what I found).


*** Though OF you, not IF you! LOL


What a neat table! I think you did great! Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer for yard sale season!

Musings from Kim K.

A party hippo. Love it! Very cool table and I can't wait for warm enough weather to eat outdoors again! The girls are thinking they might even be able to ice skate tonight.


"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" popped into my head - lol! Maybe he needs a Christmas party hat.


Nice score on the table! Party hat on the hippo would be really cute :-) I think everyone is waiting for Spring to be here and for estate sale land to start!
glad you got a few thing at least!


The table is sweet! Maddie and I hit one sale on Friday and it was pretty good. Better than nothing. I told Maddie that it was too bad that we didn't have any others to go to. She said "It's okay mom. Wait until Summer. That's when best sales are!". My girl....what would I do without her and her logic?

Stay dry!


Eddie Mitchell

After a couple of good weeks of sales here, it's plopped back into so-so sale territory. Oh well. That's life I guess. Finding a few things is better than not finding anything. I'm totally in love with that table. It's awesome!


I'm catching up with your posts as was gone to Palm Springs for a week. Love your Easter!! The stork florist baskets take the prize. I am almost willing to bet you are the only person with a collection of those!! They are adorable. I know you and Amy will have a blast at Alameda and you will enjoy the Junk Bonanza. Safe travels to you and have fun!!!


I hear ya! I've been dying for a good sale........went to the flea and was fairly successful today so that made me happy!
And you're right, put a hat on that hippo!!!!!

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